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Strike’s new Visa card lets users earn crypto rewards

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Strike, a popular crypto payment app built atop the Bitcoin Lightning Network plans to dive into the Visa card space. Announced via Twitter, Strike’s new ‘Strike Visa card’ will allow users to use crypto for payments and earn rewards in the process.

Innovative payment solutions

Bitcoin Lightning Network— layer-2 for the Bitcoin network— is meant for faster transactions and payments. Many applications are built on the Lightning Network, and Strike is one among them. In April, Strike struck a deal with Canadian e-commerce firm Shopify to enable merchants to accept payments in crypto.

Features of Strike’s Visa card

The new Visa card will enable users to buy and sell BTC. In a series of tweets, Strike mentioned that the card would have the send (receive) funds functionality, and users would be able to spend using Google Pay and even Apple Pay (in select countries). Besides this, they can also earn rewards on transactions.

Strike said it will donate one percent of profits made from the card for ‘Open-Source’ Bitcoin development. Strike also mentioned that the arrangement would be like “funding Bitcoin with every swipe.”

Few details have been made available regarding the rollout of the new Visa card. As of now, the firm has asked some of its prospective customers to join the waitlist for early access.


Is the Strike app legit?

It’s a good practice to be cautious when providing personal or financial information within any app, even if it appears legitimate. If you have concerns about the legitimacy or security of an app, it’s best to err on the side of caution and avoid using it until you can verify its trustworthiness.

What is a strike visa card used for?

A payment application, Strike introduced its new ‘Strike Card’, allowing users to transact Bitcoin anywhere in the world through Apple Pay and Google Pay.

What is the strike payment system?

The strike is used to buy and sell bitcoin, get paid in bitcoin, tip on the web, send and receive micropayments, remit money, pay merchants for goods and services, and make payments with friends.

Can you deposit Bitcoin on strike?

Strike may have evolved since my last update, and it’s possible that they have introduced new features or services. To get the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding Strike’s functionality and capabilities, I recommend visiting the official Strike website or contacting their customer support directly. Additionally, always exercise caution and conduct your own research before using any financial app or service involving cryptocurrencies.

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