Demystifying Banglarbhumi: Your complete guide to West Bengal’s land records and property information system! 

Demystifying Banglarbhumi

West Bengal’s Banglarbhumi system is a groundbreaking initiative. It transforms the way land records and property information are managed and accessed. This short guide will help you understand it better and delve into its features and benefits.

Understanding Banglarbhumi

Banglarbhumi is an online portal that provides a comprehensive platform for land records, property-related services, and information in West Bengal. It aims to digitize and centralize land-related information, making such data more easily accessible.

The portal was developed by the Government of West Bengal. It is open to citizens, landowners, and government officials.

Key features and benefits of Banglarbhumi

The Banglarbhumi portal and land record system has several interesting features and benefits. Here, as we discuss the feature, we hope to highlight the advantages as well.

1. Online land records

Banglarbhumi offers online access to land records. The information available includes ownership data, survey records, and other related details. Anyone can search for land records using various criteria. So all users have quick and convenient access.

2. Digitized maps

The portal provides digitized maps and cadastral survey data. That means users can view land boundaries, plot numbers, and other geographical details. The digitization of maps also ensures accurate and reliable representation of land parcels, thus supporting better planning and decision making.

3. Mutation and conversion

Banglarbhumi facilitates online mutation and conversion processes. With it, landowners can update their records in a transparent and streamlined manner. Specifically speaking, users can apply for mutations, track the status of applications, and receive notifications through the portal. Taking the Banglarbhumi route thus eliminates the need for physical visits to government offices.

4. Certified copies and deed registration

Through Banglarbhumi, users can request certified copies of land records and apply for deed registrations. This reduces administrative hassles and improves efficiency, thus simplifying the process of obtaining legal documents related to land transactions.

5. Grievance redressal

The portal comes with a grievance redressal mechanism, so users can lodge complaints or seek resolutions for land-related issues with ease. Citizens can also track the progress of their complaints and receive updates on actions taken. In that sense, Banglarbhumi promotes transparency and accountability.

6. Encumbrance certificate

Banglarbhumi provides encumbrance certificates that serve as proof of ownership. Users can obtain these certificates online. This service facilitates property transactions and reduces the risk of fraud.

How to utilize Banglarbhumi

Using the Banglarbhumi services are as easy as accessing them. And to make things even simpler, we’re taking a few minutes to walk you through them.

1. Registration

The first step to accessing the Banglarbhumi services is to register oneself on the portal. You will need valid identification documents. And you will have to create a unique user ID and password to log in securely.

2. Navigate the portal

The key to using the portal effectively is to familiarize yourself with its features. Options like “Know Your Property,” “Mutation Application,” and “Citizen Services,” will help you access any desired information.

3. Search land records

Use the search functions on the portal to find specific land records. The search can be narrowed down by using criteria such as plot number, owner name, or location. This feature helps retrieve accurate information quickly and conveniently.

4. Apply for services

Whether it’s applying for a mutation, requesting certified copies, or initiating deed registrations, you simply need to follow the online application process and submit the documents requested for a seamless experience.

5. Stay updated

Regularly check for updates, notifications, and new services introduced on the portal. Stay updated about any changes in procedures or guidelines as well. This will help you ensure compliance and that you make the most of the available features.


Banglarbhumi has revolutionized the management of land records and property information in West Bengal. It offers citizens of the state a user-friendly platform for accessing crucial data and services. Users stand to benefit from streamlined processes, transparency in land transactions, and easy access to information. We hope you now feel equipped to navigate Banglarbhumi with confidence!


What is the purpose of Banglarbhumi?

To digitize and centralize land records and property information in West Bengal for easy access.

What are the key features of Banglarbhumi?

Online land records, digitized maps, mutation and conversion processes, certified copies and deed registration, grievance redressal, and encumbrance certificates.

How can users utilize Banglarbhumi? 

Register on the portal, navigate its features, search land records, apply for services, and stay updated.

What benefits does Banglarbhumi offer? 

Streamlined processes, transparency in land transactions, easy access to information, and improved efficiency in obtaining legal documents.

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