PM Kisan Scheme: Lending a helping hand to farmers

PM Kisan Scheme

Agriculture is the largest source of jobs in the Indian economy, with about 600 million people depending on it for their livelihood. Though the farm sector’s contribution to the country’s GDP has fallen to less than 20% over the years, empowering farmers and safeguarding their financial welfare is crucial. The Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM Kisan) Scheme, launched by the Government of India in 2019, aims to lend a helping hand to small and marginal farmers by providing them with income support. The article discusses the salient features of the scheme, how it benefits farmers, and who is eligible.  

Understanding the PM Kisan Scheme

The PM Kisan Scheme is a flagship program introduced by the central government in 2019 to provide direct income support to small, landholding farmers in India. Under this scheme fully funded by the government of India, eligible farmers receive a fixed amount of financial assistance directly into their bank accounts. The funds are meant to supplement farmers’ income to enable them to buy farm inputs such as seeds and fertilizers.

Direct income support for farmers

The PM Kisan Scheme offers direct income support to farmers in the form of cash transfers. Eligible farmers receive financial assistance of ₹6,000 ($85) per year in three equal installments. The funds are transferred directly to the farmers’ registered bank accounts, ensuring transparency and eliminating intermediaries.

Eligibility criteria 

To be eligible for the PM Kisan Scheme, farmers must fulfill certain criteria, including:

  • Ownership of cultivable land
  • Cultivation of agricultural crops
  • Ownership of up to 2 hectares of agricultural land (subject to state-specific variations)

How to register

Eligible landholder farmers can register for the PM Kisan Scheme through various modes. They can register online on the official PM Kisan portal, visit designated Common Service Centers (CSCs), or submit applications through relevant agricultural departments. The registration process requires farmers to provide the necessary documents and verify land ownership.

Disbursement of funds

After they complete the registration process, farmers receive financial assistance directly into their bank accounts. The funds are disbursed in three equal installments, typically credited in April, August, and December of each year. The government ensures timely and hassle-free disbursement of funds to eligible farmers.

Impact of PM Kisan Scheme

The PM Kisan Scheme has profoundly impacted the lives of farmers across the country. It has provided farmers with a reliable supplemental income stream, allowing them to invest in farming activities, buy essential equipment and supplies, and enhance their quality of life. The scheme also helped reduce their dependence on local money lenders and empowered them to make informed decisions regarding their farming practices.

How farmers have benefited

Climate changes—-monsoon rains that feed much of India’s unirrigated farmland—-have an outsized influence on the fortunes of small, marginal farmers. Vagaries of weather meant no steady income for farmers who toil in their small land holdings. The PM Kisan Scheme has provided them with an assured income stream besides their farm earnings. Farmers use the funds to multiply their income and improve productivity by acquiring advanced farming machinery to expand their agricultural operations. These success stories serve as a testament to the transformative power of the PM Kisan Scheme.

Promoting best practices in farming 

Besides providing financial support, the PM Kisan Scheme seeks to improve agricultural practices through various initiatives. It promotes the adoption of advanced technologies, efficient irrigation methods, and sustainable farming practices. The scheme also focuses on the importance of crop diversification and encourages farmers to explore alternative avenues for income generation.

Challenges remain

While the PM Kisan Scheme has achieved significant success, there are challenges to overcome. Ensuring accurate identification and verification of eligible farmers, addressing connectivity issues in remote areas, and minimizing bureaucratic hurdles is the need of the hour. The government is actively working on streamlining the processes and expanding the scheme’s reach to benefit more farmers in the future.


The PM Kisan Scheme has emerged as a game-changer for farmers in India. Through direct income support and a focus on enhancing agricultural practices, the scheme has empowered farmers to achieve financial stability, improve productivity, and lead better lives. With continued efforts and improvements, the PM Kisan Scheme is set to bring about a positive transformation to the lives of Indian farmers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any fee or charges for registering under the PM Kisan Scheme?

No, there is no fee or charges for registering under the PM Kisan Scheme. Farmers can register for free through the designated channels.

What are the documents required for registration under the PM Kisan Scheme?

The documents required for registration may vary from state to state. Generally, farmers need to provide identification proof, land ownership documents, and bank account details.

Are all farmers in India eligible for the PM Kisan Scheme?

Farmers who fulfil the eligibility criteria specified by the government can avail of the PM Kisan Scheme benefits. However, there may be state-specific variations in the eligibility criteria.

How can farmers check their PM Kisan Scheme payment status?

Farmers can check the payment status of the PM Kisan Scheme online through the official PM Kisan portal using their Aadhaar number, mobile number, or account number.

What should farmers do if they don’t receive the scheme benefits?

Farmers can appeal to the designated authorities if they face any issues or discrepancies in receiving the PM Kisan Scheme benefits. The government has established a grievance redressal mechanism to address such concerns.

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