Universal Account Number (UAN) passbook and other services


The Universal Account Number (UAN) has revolutionized the way employees manage their provident fund accounts in India. It is the exclusive identification number every employee contributing to the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) receives. With a UAN, employees gain access to a wide range of services and benefits. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of getting a UAN passbook while also exploring the various associated services. Through this discussion, we aim to equip you with the knowledge required to manage your Provident Fund (PF) account effectively.

Understanding UAN passbook

The UAN passbook is as an online statement. It offers a consolidated view of an employee’s provident fund transactions. And it acts as a record of contributions, interest earned, and withdrawals made from the account.

Accessible through the EPFO’s member portal, the UAN passbook allows users to conveniently and efficiently track and manage funds. In that sense, it ensures transparency and ease of use.

How to access services associated with UAN

Your UAN can be used to access a wide range of services online. Here’s where we help you understand how to access them.

  1. UAN activation

To avail the myriad services associated with UAN, employees must initiate the activation process by visiting the EPFO’s member portal. Activation entails providing basic information such as UAN, name, date of birth, and mobile number. Once activated, employees gain access to a multitude of services tailored to enhance their experience.

  1. UAN passbook download

The UAN passbook empowers employees to track their PF transactions. Employees can download a copy of it to obtain a comprehensive summary of their contributions, interest, and withdrawals. This feature encourages people to proactively monitor their savings, ensuring financial well-being.

  1. UAN card

Following the activation of UAN, employees may download their personalized UAN card. Containing vital information, this document is a valuable asset during verification processes and in any matters related to the PF.

  1. UAN member portal services

The UAN member portal offers an array of services designed to cater to employees’ needs. The services include the updating of personal information online, the linking of multiple member IDs, and the management of Know Your Customer (KYC) details. By keeping your details up to date, employees can ensure a seamless experience while availing PF services.

  1. UAN Helpdesk

The UAN Helpdesk portal serves as a dedicated support system for the assistance of employees. Any queries related to UAN or the member portal may be directed to the help desk. Employees can use the help desk to raise tickets, seek expert guidance, and receive resolutions. The portal thus ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for PF account holders.

  1. UAN-based online claims

With UAN, employees can conveniently apply for PF withdrawals online. The UAN-based online claims service eliminates the arduous paperwork traditionally associated with the process. In this way, UAN improves efficiency by streamlining and expediting the settlement of claims. It thus ensures that employees promptly receive any funds they are entitled to.


The UAN passbook and the associated services give employees a simple and efficient way to manage their PF accounts. Through the UAN member portal, users can seamlessly access their UAN passbook, download their UAN card, update personal information, and avail a range of other services. By harnessing the power of UAN, employees can effortlessly track their provident fund transactions, enjoy accurate record-keeping, and conveniently apply for claims online.


What is the purpose of the UAN passbook?

The UAN passbook provides a consolidated view of an employee’s provident fund transactions.

How can employees download their UAN passbook?

Employees can download their UAN passbook from the EPFO’s member portal.

What services are available on the UAN member portal?

The UAN member portal offers services like updating personal information, managing KYC details, and more.

How does UAN simplify the process of PF withdrawals?

UAN enables employees to conveniently apply for PF withdrawals online, eliminating traditional paperwork hassles.

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