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Crypto market update: 26 August 2022

Crypto market update

After a bullish session yesterday, the larger crypto market is looking steady at the moment. However, that may not last as the market is expected to be choppy today. The much anticipated Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s speech is likely to set the tone for the day. The speech is expected to bring clarity on the pace of interest rate hikes and the global liquidity situation.

Bitcoin (BTC) failed to touch $22,000 for the sixth consecutive session so far. Having announced that the Merge process will begin on 6 September, Ethereum (ETH) crossed the $1,704 level briefly before ending yesterday’s session. Other key cryptos too ended the day in positive territory. Aave (AAVE) rose by 6.12%, and Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB) and (YFI) is up by 5.51% and 4.69%, respectively.

The total crypto market cap is drifting near the psychologically important $1 trillion level. The total crypto market cap is down by $40 billion this August.

The Fear and Greed Index

Today, the Fear and Greed Index, which represents the predominant current crypto market sentiment, rose from 25/100 to touch 27/100. With this, the Index moves out of the extreme fear zone, but it is too soon to tell whether the market is completely out of the danger zone, especially given the Fed Chair’s upcoming speech. It would be ideal if, for the overall hygiene of the market, especially Bitcoin, the Index could recapture the 40/100 level.

Top gainers and losers

CoinSwitch data reveals that Theta Fuel (TFUEL) leads the way up with a 24.93% increase, while Chromia (CHR) and Storj (STORJ) are up by 10.59% and 6.73%, respectively.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have iExec RLC (RLC) leading the way down, after sliding by 7.59%. It is joined at the lower end by NKN (NKN) and AirSwap (AST), which have lost 5.63% and 5.50%, respectively.


What is the next big crypto coin in 2024?

Dogecoin20 is anticipated to be one of the next big crypto projects in 2024

When the crypto market will go up?

Predicting when the crypto market will go up is challenging due to its volatility, but factors like positive regulatory developments, increased adoption, and technological advancements can contribute to market upswings.

Why is crypto crashing?

Crypto crashes can be caused by various factors, including regulatory uncertainties, market manipulation, security breaches, and macroeconomic events

What is happening with crypto 2024?

The crypto market in 2024 is experiencing fluctuations influenced by geopolitical tensions, technological advancements, regulatory changes, and investor sentiment

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