California adopts blockchain-powered recordkeeping

blockchain recordkeeping

California, one of the more pro-crypto US states, is all set to embrace blockchain technology for safe recordkeeping. The facility to deliver records to users through the blockchain option became a reality when Governor Gavin Newsom signed the proposal into law on 28 September.

The law states that individuals will have the option to procure blockchain-native marriage, birth, and death certificates, along with the standard ones.

However, blockchain for recordkeeping isn’t the only crypto-specific proposal that has been keeping Governor Newsom busy. Earlier this week, he vetoed a statewide regulatory bill, stopping it from becoming law. He mentioned that the proposed bill seemed premature and that a lot more flexibility is needed to prepare a regulatory framework. Had the governor signed the same into law, every crypto company based out of California would have had to acquire a license to operate.

The fine print

The “Blockchain for Recordkeeping” law instructs all county offices to allow for blockchain integration when it comes to verifying credentials. All relevant certificates would be issued and delivered (as PDFs) instantly using this novel technology. The bill was initially introduced by Senator Robert Hertzberg.

Hertzberg, in a statement released to CoinDesk on 29 September 2022, said blockchain-powered recordkeeping is convenient and secure. He added that this legislative move also shows the world that California is leading the path when it comes to innovation via novel resources.

Hertzberg opined that the blockchain-based route is not just cheaper and faster, but also paves the way for an efficient record delivery system. He also added that since blockchain is nearly impossible to hack, the safety quotient associated with this approach is top-notch.

While California’s blockchain-powered state recordkeeping is a forward-looking move, India has been leading the narrative of “Blockchain for records.” For instance, the Maharashtra government announced on 6 September that it would be using blockchain for storing e-registration records concerning new properties. Moreover, this foolproof form of recordkeeping is shareable among authorities, financial institutions, and property buyers.

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