Polygon (MATIC) Price Prediction & Forecast 2024-2050

Matic (MATIC) Price Prediction & Forecast 2024-2050

Matic Overview

Matic, now known as Polygon, is a blockchain scaling solution that aims to address some of the scalability and usability issues of the Ethereum network. Think of it as an additional layer built on top of Ethereum to enhance its performance. Polygon employs a combination of sidechains and other scaling techniques to provide faster and cheaper transactions.

Rather than delving into technical jargon, let’s break it down in simpler terms. Imagine Ethereum as a busy highway with traffic jams during peak hours. Polygon acts like an extra lane, helping to ease congestion and make transactions quicker and more cost-effective. This makes it more appealing for developers and users alike, as it improves the overall experience of interacting with decentralized applications on the blockchain.

In essence, Polygon is like the friendly neighborhood improvement for the Ethereum blockchain, making it more accessible and efficient.

Matic Technical Overview

Attribute Details
Contract Address0x7D1AfA7B718fb893dB30A3aBc0Cfc608AaCfeBB0
Supply (Total/Circulating)10,000,000,000 / 9,555,258,782.787216
Launch DateApril 28, 2019
WebsitePolygon is a scaling solution for Ethereum, a layer-2 on Ethereum
DescriptionPolygon is a scaling solution for Ethereum, a layer-2 of Ethereum
WhitepaperPolygon Whitepaper
All-Time High (ATH)$2.9232 (Dec 27, 2021)
All-Time Low (ATL)$0.00301154729812 (May 9, 2019)
Current Price$0.7969 (as of 29th January, 2024)
Market Cap9.2 Billion USD
Key Support LevelsS1: 0.75, S2: 0.60 USD
Key Resistance LevelsR1: 1.00, R2: 1.25 USD

MATIC is Polygon’s native token. The utility is the network fees.

The MATIC token serves many purposes in the Polygon ecosystem, including:

  • Participating in network governance by voting on Polygon Improvement Proposals (PIPs)
  • Contributing to security through staking
  • Paying gas fee

Staking: The Proof-of-Stake (PoS) layer used by Matic sidechains to guarantee consensus requires that network users stake MATIC to act as validators and get staking incentives. Several operations on the Polygon Network, like verifying blocks and posting proofs, call on computational resources. MATIC inflation encourages these resource providers to bootstrap security and uphold network integrity by rewarding them.

Matic’s public initial coin offering raised USD 5.6 million on April 26, 2019. The last public token sale price was $0.00263 and so the price ROI so far is around 310% as per the August 2022 price of $0.8. Decentraland, Zebi, and Parsec Labs are some of the private ventures invested in Matic. Matic’s low gas fees or transaction fee, which is always between $0.0005 to $0.2, is a huge selling point for the project, besides its high transaction throughput and many other utilities. It should be remembered that Ethereum suffered massively due to its hefty gas fees, as well as scaling problems.

Polygon blockchain uses side chains. Plasma, which is built on a side-chain running on Ethereum Virtual Machine, enables the scaling of smart contracts built on Ethereum.

The MATIC token is currently at 0.79 USD with a market capitalization of $7.4B+.

(Polygon) Matic Technical Overview

Pattern: Symmetrical Triangle, which is a neutral pattern, suggesting indecision for this month (Jan) in the market. Although it could break either up or down, it usually breaks in the direction of the prevailing trend (i.e. continuation not reversal).

Trend: Uptrend across all time horizons.

Momentum is Bullish ( MACD Line is above MACD Signal Line and RSI is above 55).

Support and Resistance: Nearest Support Zone is $0.75 (previous resistance), then $0.60. The nearest Resistance Zone is $1.00, then $1.25.

Matic Profit Calculator

A Matic Profit Calculator will help you calculate your profit/loss from trading in Matic. It saves you the trouble of calculating your return on investment manually. Furthermore, it will show you your net returns after deducting hidden charges like exchange fees. Check out the link – Click Here 

Matic Historical

The Matic network was launched in 2017 and the project was rebranded as Polygon Technology in February 2021. The historical data of MATIC’s price can be tracked for Matic price prediction. It started with an initial price of $0.00263 and hit its all-time high of $2.92 on Dec. 27, 2021.

Matic coin price prediction today has become more sophisticated with the use of technical analysis tools. In the sections that follow, we bring you our Polygon Matic crypto price predictions starting with 2024 up to 2050 based on third-party sources. We have done our due diligence on the reliability and accuracy of the third-party sources relied upon and such sources cannot reasonably be considered misleading for the users. Please note that given the volatility of the crypto market, prices could move upward or downward. Returns are not guaranteed.

Matic Price Prediction 2024

Now, we will provide you with the Matic coin price prediction for the current year. The prevailing sentiment within the cryptocurrency community, evident in online discussions and social media activity, points to an upward trend in the coin’s value for the year 2024.
According to our projections, it is expected that Matic could attain a peak price of $1.57 in 2024, indicative of the positive trajectory it is anticipated to follow. At the close of 2024, our forecast suggests an average trading price of $1.36 for Polygon (Matic), with the minimum expected price set at $1.33.

Matic Price Prediction 2025

According to our Polygon Matic price prediction for the year 2025, the token’s value is not anticipated to drop below a minimum threshold of $1.87.

Matic coin price prediction 2025 underlines the potential for the token to experience an upswing, potentially reaching a maximum trading value of $2.25. This underscores the substantial growth prospects that experts envision for Polygon. (Source: Here)

Matic Price Prediction 2026

Our Polygon Matic price prediction for 2026 suggests that under favorable market conditions and sustained positive developments, Polygon (Matic) could attain an average price level of around $2.78 during the year.

In a bullish market trend, there is potential for the maximum price of Matic in 2026 to rise significantly to $3.25. Conversely, in scenarios favoring bearish market conditions, there is a possibility of the minimum price declining to $2.71 for Polygon (Matic). (Source: Here)

Matic Price Prediction 2027

Anticipating the developments in the year 2027 and drawing insights from the observed growth patterns in Polygon’s price movement, there is a potential for Polygon (Matic) to achieve a maximum price of $4.66.

Additionally, our analysis suggests that the average price of Polygon (Matic) in 2027 is projected to hover around $4.04. This serves as an estimate representing the anticipated general trading price for Polygon throughout the year. On the other hand, our technical analysis also suggests a minimum price of $3.96 for Matic in 2027. (Source: Here)

Matic Price Prediction 2028

Polygon is poised for significant growth, with the potential for its maximum price to reach approximately $6.96 in 2028. This maximum price value signals the anticipated upward momentum that Polygon may experience throughout the year. Projections indicate that the minimum price for Polygon (Polygon (Matic)) during this period is expected to be around $5.77. When evaluating the average trading price of Matic in 2028, forecasts suggest it could stabilize at approximately $5.93. (Source: Here)

Matic Price Prediction 2029

In line with our technical analysis of Polygon (Matic), our projections foresee a maximum price of $9.87, coupled with an expected minimum price of $7.95. Furthermore, our average price prediction for Polygon (Matic) in 2029 is positioned at $8.13, underscoring the stability and consistent growth potential of this digital coin. (Source: Here)

Matic Price Prediction 2030

Matic price prediction in India has become more sophisticated, employing advanced technical analysis techniques. Our Matic price prediction for 2030 indicates a potential peak price of $13.72 by the year 2030. This optimistic outlook is reinforced by our analysis, revealing an average price of around $11.81 for Polygon (Matic).

It’s crucial to factor in a minimum price of $11.49, serving as a potential lower boundary for Matic’s value during this period. This comprehensive analysis underscores the varied scenarios for Matic’s performance in 2030. (Source: Here)

Matic Price Prediction 2040

According to our Polygon price prediction for 2040, the price range for its native token Matic is anticipated to range between $455.39 and $552.85, with an average trading price of $485.98. This range encapsulates the general market expectations, taking into account different scenarios wherein cryptocurrencies like Matic are likely to achieve mainstream adoption.

The increased adoption is expected to add to a more stable store of value. Consequently, it positions Matic as an attractive option for long-term investments, reflecting the maturity and widespread acceptance of cryptocurrencies. (Source: Here)

Matic Price Prediction 2050

According to our Polygon price prediction, the anticipated maximum trading price for Matic in 2050 is projected to be approximately $678.04. Our analysis indicates that by the year 2050, it could achieve an average price of around $625.16. It’s worth considering that Polygon might encounter temporary downturns, with the minimum price level hovering around $589.14.

In this evolving landscape, Polygon (Matic) is expected to face competition from other cryptocurrencies that offer unique features and functionalities. The continuous expansion of blockchain technology is likely to introduce new currencies with enhanced capabilities. Despite this, Polygon’s (Matic) first-mover advantage, strong network effect, and established infrastructure should help it maintain a dominant position in the cryptocurrency market.

Matic coin price prediction today has come a long way. However, it’s crucial to note that these forecasts are contingent on various factors, including market conditions, technological advancements, regulatory frameworks, and unforeseen events. Therefore, exercising caution and conducting thorough research is essential when making decisions based on long-term price forecasts in the cryptocurrency market. (Source: Here)

What is Matic (MATIC)?

The Matic Network, now known as Polygon, is a blockchain scaling solution designed to address the scalability and usability issues associated with the Ethereum network. Originally launched in 2017, Polygon aims to provide a framework for building and connecting multiple blockchains, thus improving the overall efficiency and user experience of decentralized applications (DApps).

Polygon employs a combination of sidechains, which are essentially separate blockchains that can interact with the Ethereum main chain and other scaling techniques. This helps to enhance transaction speed and reduce fees, making it more practical for developers and users.

In addition to its role as a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, Polygon has evolved into a multi-chain scaling platform. It supports interoperability between different blockchain networks, enabling seamless communication and the transfer of assets between them.

Originally known as the Matic Network, the project adopted the name Polygon after a rebranding in February 2021. Polygon’s native token is MATIC. Polygon has initiated plans to change its native token from MATIC to POL. Polygon (Matic) is used for various purposes within the Polygon ecosystem, including transaction fees, staking, and participating in the network’s governance.

Overall, Polygon aims to make blockchain technology more accessible, scalable, and user-friendly, fostering the development and adoption of decentralized applications

Matic Price History

Matic Price History

Source: coingecko.com

Trend: Downtrend on Short- and Medium-Term basis and Uptrend on Long-Term basis.

Momentum is Mixed as the MACD Line is below the MACD Signal Line (Bearish) but RSI ~ 50 (Neutral). MACD Histogram bars are rising, which suggests that momentum could be nearing another upswing.

Support and Resistance: Nearest Support Zone is $0.75, then $0.60. The nearest Resistance Zone is $1.00, then $1.25.

Matic (MATIC): Expert Predictions

Coincodex.co platform predicts MATIC could reach $ 1.79 to $ 4.24 by 2030, and experts from Changelly forecast it could reach minimum and maximum prices of $10.28 and $12.56 by the end of 2030.

Other industry analysts have varying opinions on the future price of Polygon (MATIC). DigitalCoinPrice predicts that MATIC could reach $2.43 in 2023 and $3.91 in 2025. 

Their long-term projection for 2030 is $11.45. This optimistic outlook is based on the belief that Polygon’s scalability solutions and growing adoption will drive its value.

(Polygon) Matic Price Prediction

Matic (MATIC) Price Prediction Table 2024 – 2050

YearLow PriceAverage PriceHigh Price

Polygon (Matic) looks like a potentially good coin to buy looking at its fundamentals and price prospects. It started at $0.004 and has already hit an all-time high price of $2.92 in 2023. Though this shows volatility, it also proves that Polygon is not limited in terms of the price it can pump to.

Experts anticipate Matic to reach around $10 in 2028. It could trade at up to $3 per coin in 2024 based on projections. We think this is a potentially good coin to hold for the short and long term.

Polygon hosts numerous services, including allowing people and businesses to build their own custom blockchains and dApps. It also supports NFTs, gaming, metaverses, and cryptocurrency exchanges. These features will most likely boost its price point in the future.

Matic is expected to trade at $7 at least by 2028, based on projections. The cryptocurrency could trade at as much as $3.25 by 2025 and as much as $15 by 2030 based on short-to-medium-long predictions.



https://www.bitdegree.org/cryptocurrency-prices/polygon-Polygon (Matic)-price/price-history


Disclaimer: Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions. The information provided in this post is based solely on the collation of publicly available information as of the date of publication of this blog and should not be considered investment/financial advice from CoinSwitch. Therefore, any action taken upon the information provided herein shall be at the user’s risk. CoinSwitch, including any affiliate entities, will not be liable for any losses incurred by the user because of the user’s reliance on the information provided above to execute any trades.

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