Top 5 NFT games you can start playing

Put simply, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are crypto asset chits that confer “ownership” of a piece of digital art or music on the buyer. NFTs are marked by unique identification codes, which are recorded on a blockchain. NFT games belong to the broad category of blockchain games that made their triumphant entry, pushing traditional mobile phone games aside.

In terms of graphics and gameplay, these games are far ahead of some of the top crypto mobile games. The best NFT games incorporate the technologies into the game’s mechanisms to create a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. NFT marketplace provides players with new ways to interact with the game and gives creators a new opportunity to make money from in-game objects.

What is a play-to-earn NFT game?

What are NFT games? P2E-short for Play to Earn Games—is one of the most popular terms in the crypto space. To put things in perspective, the evolution of P2E games resulted from the seamless integration of NFTs, games, and finance.

In P2E games, you can earn in crypto or NFTs. P2E games have recently grown popular and are crucial to nearly every metaverse crypto initiative. To reward dedicated online gamers, each service uses its coin. Play-to-earn NFT games’ promise of a pleasant way to earn crypto is a big draw for blockchain gaming enthusiasts.

How do you earn in NFT games?

It depends on the mechanics of the top NFT games and the demand in the market as to how much money one may make by participating. A player’s financial gain depends on the market value of their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or crypto.

You can earn a reward or a token via mining, competing with other players, completing missions, or renting out one’s virtual real estate. The avatars used in battle and the mining equipment are digital things made as NFTs in the games.

How do NFT games work?

Games based on NFTs employ a mix of conventional game design and novel mechanics. You can gather NFTs by buying them from vendors or finding them in-game; you can even trade them with other players.

You may also discover NFT games that provide a P2E option, allowing players to replace their income with virtual currency won during gameplay. Tokens are common in-game currency, and players can collect additional tokens as they play. Most of these games, however, have an initial financial outlay, which must be regained before the players can make any profit.

Top 5 NFT games you can start playing

There are plenty of choices when it comes to P2E NFT games. Here’s a list of the top five recommendations for instant access, play, and profit.

Alien Worlds

A dystopian world that depicts the year 2055 marred by several pandemics forms the setting for the game. The bitcoin mining community made the startling discovery that aliens had been communicating with them using secret codes. A wormhole was deciphered, leading to potentially habitable worlds beyond your own. To get a precious stone known as Trillium, members of the Bitcoin community went on a journey through the wormhole.

All assets on the six worlds that make up Alien Worlds’ metaverse NFT are represented by tokens. You can find three types of characters on the planets. Explorers that mine Trillium and receive a portion of it as rewards is one. Fighters, who compete in stages for reward, and Landowners, who rent their lands out to developers in return for money, complete the cast.

Farmer’s World

Farmer’s World is the first farming game based on the blockchain. It simulates a farmer’s daily routine and operates on the WAX blockchain. In this game, FWW, FWF, and FWG tokens represent food, wood, and gold, respectively.

You may either construct or buy the equipment you need to gather the game’s materials, but each item has a limited lifespan. Farmer’s World also has a decentralized marketplace called Alcor, where players can buy, sell, and give away virtual goods.


To say that Gameta has made waves in the GameFi community is an understatement. Over 100,000 new players joined in a single month, which caused the Gameta Fever; existing on Solana is another plus point.

Super Gloves, Invest Master, FrogPrince Rush, Ants Runner, Human Tower, Sleep Ragdoll, and Tadpole Count are the seven games you may play in the Gameta ecosystem. You can play the games on Gameta even without much technical knowledge, and you can access them from any internet-enabled mobile device.


Arc8 is a platform for play-to-earn gaming that GAMEE introduced in September last year. The platform has 10 casual games where players can compete for token prizes in one-on-one or team tournaments. The iOS and Google Play versions of the Polygon-powered app provide players access to various games, including puzzles, sporting activities, adventures, etc.


Splinterlands is a popular blockchain game that is making waves. Thanks to its lucrative trading and earning potential, it is one of the most played online card games. You can finish every game in Splinterland in a few minutes.

There are 500 cards, which may be four rarities: common, epic, rare, or legendary. In general, there are more common items than rare ones. In addition to the money, there are also opportunities to exchange your cards on third-party markets.


The games featured here are some of the top NFT games currently available or in development. But there’s a lot of room for development in this area. The vast majority of these titles are independent, minor games. It is likely that there would be an increase in the number of AAA studios entering the NFT market.

More and more games may use the blockchain as the backbone of their in-game currency system. The ability to collect and sell virtual items, like skins, will likely become more important to gamers in the years to come.


What is the No 1 NFT game?

“Axie Infinity” was a prominent NFT game. However, the NFT gaming landscape evolves rapidly, so it’s best to check current rankings for the No. 1 NFT game.

What is the best NFT game for passive income?

“Axie Infinity” was known for potential passive income through breeding and battling virtual creatures. However, NFT game dynamics change, so research the latest options for the best passive income opportunities.

Are NFT games profitable?

NFT games can be profitable, but success varies. Profit depends on factors like the game’s popularity, your investment, skill, and market conditions. Research and careful decisions are essential for potential profitability.

What are the disadvantages of NFT games?

NFT games pose challenges: high costs, volatile market, technical glitches, energy concerns, regulatory gaps, and potential for addiction. Caution and research are advised for prospective participants.

Disclaimer: Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions. The information provided in this post is not to be considered investment/financial advice from CoinSwitch. Any action taken upon the information shall be at the user’s risk.

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