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1. What is crypto?chevron

Cryptos are decentralised digital assets operating on blockchain technology. There are more than 5000 crypto out there, Bitcoin being the first-ever crypto launched.

2. Is crypto legal in India?chevron

No law in India makes buying or selling cryptos illegal.

3. What is the future of crypto trading in India?chevron

Since 2020, Crores of Indians have dipped their toes into cryptos, and with the number going up every day, India looks exciting for the crypto revolution. The government is also actively trying to set up a regulatory framework for its smooth functioning, the recent MCA amendment being the first step.

4. How to buy crypto in India?chevron

CoinSwitch has simplified cryptos for Indians, you can download our Android and iOS app to begin trading in crypto with just ₹100

5. Why CoinSwitch is the best crypto trading platform in India?chevron

Unlike other crypto exchanges, CoinSwitch pools liquidity from leading crypto exchanges in India and globally to enable users to trade in cryptos at the best rate.


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CoinSwitch is India's leading crypto exchange. Founded in 2017, we are one of the pioneers in the crypto space. We believe that money should be equal for all, and we make every effort to translate that belief into action. That's why, at CoinSwitch, your needs are our top priority. Our team of dedicated and passionate people always strives to make your crypto journey smoother, and more enjoyable and more rewarding.

Buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at India's leading Crypto Exchange

We know people like Bitcoin, but not everyone can afford it. So, at CoinSwitch, we help you buy Bitcoin, and a host of other cryptos, with as little as ₹100. And to ensure you're never short of options, there are over 100 crypto assets listed on our exchange.

What's more, you can buy any of these cryptos in the blink of an eye. Just open the app, visit the page reserved for the crypto of your choice, and simply place a buy order. No more waiting for order execution. And you'll never need to waste time trying to find the latest price, thanks to our real-time updates.

The super user-friendly interface of our trading app is another bonus. So you can find everything you need for your purchases—from fund transfers to charts—all on one screen.

To top it off, if you want to learn more about crypto before your big buy, there is our very accessible and informative crypto blog. Staying on top of the trading game is so much simpler with Switch. More bang out of your buck indeed!

Trading Bitcoin and Crypto online in three simple steps

CoinSwitch gets you started on your crypto journey in three simple steps.

  1. Create an account on the app.

    First things first, install the Coinswitch app. Next, create an account and complete the mandatory Know Your Customer (KYC) verification.

  2. Link your bank account.

    Once your account is functional, you can head over to the “Profile” section in the app to link your bank and CoinSwitch accounts. You can always add and edit account details as and when needed. Once your trading account is up and running, you're all set to buy and sell crypto.

  3. Start trading.

    At this stage, most of the heavy-lifting is done. Study the market well, and do plenty of research before you begin. When you're ready, simply select your desired crypto, specify the amount you want to buy, and hit the “Buy” button. Selling is just as simple.

    If timing the market isn't your thing, you could opt for our crypto Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). The SIP option lets you automate the transfer of funds, so you don't have to remember to transfer the amount each month.

Why is CoinSwitch the best crypto trading platform in India?

While we keep it simple, we also keep things fresh. Our website and app are highly interactive and you'll always find plenty to learn. If that's not enough to convince you that we are great at what we do, here are some other things:

  1. Security

    From initiating your transaction to storing your crypto on our platform, your safety is our top priority. While buying crypto with us, you will never have to worry about your data being compromised. And you won't have to look elsewhere to find a reliable way to store your tokens.

  2. Speed

    Buying and selling crypto on CoinSwitch is fast and hassle-free. Our high liquidity ensures that the chances that you will find a buyer or seller is pretty high.

  3. Fair listing process

    Our extensive and carefully curated list comprises 100+ cryptocurrencies that are all tested for volatility, project solidarity, completion of bear and bull cycles, and other factors. The categories we use should help you navigate the list of crypto coins. Besides, there is a SIP alternative for most of them.

  4. Riskometer

    As volatility is an important characteristic of crypto and a key concern for many investors, the primary focus for us is to safeguard our users to the extent possible. That's why we have a crypto Riskometer. Specially designed for the more volatile assets, it helps you take more informed decisions.

  5. CoinSwitch Pro

    At CoinSwitch, we believe that there is always scope to improve. That's why we came up with CoinSwitch Pro

    The Pro version of our app is a multi-exchange crypto trading platform that lets you buy and sell across three of India's most well-known exchanges. It opens up arbitrage trading opportunities while offering access to advanced rupee-denominated charts and a lot more.

  6. On-shore index

    If you want the best trading experience, you need not look at the broader market anymore. Because CoinSwitch brings you India's first onshore crypto index, CRE8. This amazing rupee-denominated index helps you track key crypto assets while eliminating the need to do those cumbersome conversions.

  7. Knowledge base

    Whether you want to learn the basics of crypto, gain a better understanding of some project, or simply try to upskill yourself, CoinSwitch app and website will have something for you.

Things to consider while investing in cryptocurrency in India

We would love to invite you to kickstart your crypto trading experience already, but we'll never shy away from asking you to exercise caution. That's why, before we close, we bring you a list of things to consider before investing:

  1. Market volatility

    The crypto market is volatile. An asset that seems to be moving steadily in one direction might quickly change course due to a tweet or a development. That's why, before you pick a crypto to invest in, DYOR is important. Tracking historical data, using on-chain tools, and studying project sentiments via social activity are all part of your job as a trader.

  2. Sentimental risks

    Trading in crypto comes with its sentimental risks. Price drops due to news and sudden liquidity shortages due to whale activity are pretty common. Therefore, constantly tracking the market, news, and on-chain funds are key.

  3. Your long-term financial needs

    In crypto, prices can change quickly. So you need to examine your current financial state, liabilities, account for emergencies, and other factors, before proceeding. Only invest what you can afford to lose—just in case the markets suddenly go belly up.

  4. The possibility of frauds

    CoinSwitch will never ask you to invest, share account details, or send funds to unverified addresses. But the crypto space is full of fraudsters and scammers. So keep your eyes and ears open and stay cautious. Always run a background check on people who contact you. And reach out to our customer support if you have any questions.

There are no shortcuts in life or money-making. You can only choose to cut short your day-to-day trading troubles. We hope you do. We hope you simplify your life by choosing to CoinSwitch today!