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Lumpsum investing is a popular way of investing in mutual funds. Here, the amount involved is typically large, different from the systematic, regular investing offered by the SIP mode. Many mutual fund schemes allow investors to use this one-time investment option. However, many first-time investors prefer to know the estimated returns before they dip their toes into the risky, yet lucrative world of mutual funds. Not to worry, we have your back as you can simply use our lumpsum calculator to estimate the returns from your mutual fund investment. 

Understanding the lumpsum calculator

A lumpsum mutual fund calculator is designed to make complex return calculations easy to help you estimate the expected return from your lumpsum mutual fund investment. CoinSwitch’s lumpsum calculator is intuitive and easy to use. Just plug in the numbers to get an appropriate estimate of returns at the click of a button. 

Using the lumpsum calculator

The CoinSwitch lumpsum calculator is simple and easy to use. The plug-in fields are self-explanatory. Follow the order mentioned below to key in your inputs to estimate the returns on your lumpsum investments: 


  • The amount of one-time or lumpsum investment 
  • The expected rate of return
  • The desired holding period of investment 


Double-check your inputs to ensure their accuracy. If the inputs you enter are accurate, you will get the estimated redemption value of your investment in just a few seconds.

Calculating MF returns the traditional way 

The estimation of the redemption value of your lumpsum investment follows the financial concept of the future value of money. This means that the formula will estimate the value of your lumpsum investment at the end of your investment period. 


The future value of money is a core finance concept that requires a good understanding of finance to calculate it using Excel or a normal calculator. That is why we have designed the lumpsum calculator for you. Still, we have also included the lumpsum investment estimation formula below for the mathematically inclined.  


A = P (1 + r) ^ n


A = Value at the end of the investment period

P = Lumpsum investment amount 

R = Rate of interest 

N = Investment period in years


Let’s put the formula to use for better understanding. If you plan to invest ₹20,00,000 in a mutual fund scheme for 10 years at an interest rate of 14% expected rate of return per annum, your redemption value at the end of 10 years will be:


A = 20,00,000(1+14)^10

That is, the redemption value would be ₹74,14,443. Of the redemption value, ₹20,00,000 will be your investment and ₹54,14,443 will be the returns on your investment.

The lumpsum calculator can help you in many ways

Money and investment are important topics that need serious consideration and accuracy even if you want only an estimate. Investing a large amount in mutual funds requires comparing multiple mutual fund schemes. However, it is easier said than done as calculating the estimated redemption value of various products can get complex, tedious, and time-consuming. 


This is where a lumpsum calculator can be of help to you. Some of the benefits of using a lumpsum calculator are as follows: 


  • Minimizes errors


A lumpsum calculator will help you estimate your returns accurately by minimizing human error.


  • Better financial planning


Lumpsum investment schemes have different underlying assets and different rates of return. A calculator will help you estimate the returns. You can select the scheme that helps you achieve your financial goals based on the estimated returns of each scheme. 


  • Easily available online


The CoinSwitch Lumpsum Calculator is available online. This means you can access the calculator from any corner of the world with internet connectivity.


  • Saves time


Calculating the estimated returns for your lumpsum investment can be time-consuming. The calculator above will save you time while giving you accurate results.


The whole point of investing is to grow your savings. Selecting a mutual fund scheme to invest a lumpsum amount is no child’s play. The lumpsum calculator can come in handy here as it provides you with the estimated redemption value of your investment across various mutual fund schemes. Use the calculator above before making an investment decision. 


1.How different are lumpsum investments and SIP investments?

A lumpsum investment is a relatively large, one-time investment in a mutual fund scheme. An SIP, on the other hand, is one where you invest a fixed amount of money in a mutual fund scheme at regular intervals.

2.Which is more beneficial in the long run - lumpsum or SIP?

SIP will suit you if you are an individual who receives a fixed monthly income, like a salary. On the other hand, if you get a windfall like a large inheritance or huge profits from a business, you could consider a lumpsum investment. Yet, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Generally speaking, SIPs need time to build a large corpus as the investment amount is relatively small. However, a lumpsum investment will help you grow your corpus faster.

3.How can I make mutual fund investments?

There are plenty of online investment platforms available in India such as CoinSwitch. You can also invest in mutual fund schemes directly through the fund websites. Alternatively, you can also make investments through mutual fund distributors.

4.Can I trust mutual fund calculators completely?

While mutual fund calculators can provide you with a ballpark estimate of the returns you can expect for a specific scheme, the numbers will not be as accurate as a fixed deposit calculator.

5.Can you suggest a financial product for making a lumpsum investment

You can put your funds in a mutual fund scheme of your choice. Alternatively, you can also open a bank FD and park your lumpsum funds there.