What is CoinSwitch Pro, and how to use it ?

CoinSwitch Pro

After revolutionizing crypto investing for over 18 million Indians, CoinSwitch is bringing the fruits of tech innovation and its consumer-centric approach to pro traders with CoinSwitch Pro, a platform to meet all your professional trading needs.

CoinSwitch Pro will enable you to access cutting-edge trading tools and trade across exchanges with a single login. And if that’s not enough, the trades are rupee-denominated! So, if you love trading and want to make money from the price difference across exchanges, you must check out the Pro section on your CoinSwitch app.

With everything new, of course, people are bound to have questions. We know that. That’s why we bring you this article on everything you need to navigate our new platform.

What is CoinSwitch Pro?

CoinSwitch Pro is a platform within the CoinSwitch app specifically designed to address the needs of professional traders. It comes with multiple new features, including advanced charts and analytical tools by TradingView, limit orders, access to multiple exchanges, and a unified portfolio to manage all crypto investments across exchanges.

How is that different from the non-Pro version? Think of CoinSwitch as a supermarket bringing together all your favorite food and groceries. You open the shelf, pick the item, and pay for it. It’s simple, easy to understand, and offers you plenty of choices.
But what if you wanted even more choices? You would go to the farmer’s market. Farmer’s markets not only help put a large variety on the shelf but also bring together multiple sellers offering their products at competitive prices. And you get to choose which seller to buy from. CoinSwitch Pro is the equivalent of this type of market; a single interface lets you buy and sell crypto from multiple exchanges. With just one account, you can access all of it, and the prices are denominated in the Indian rupee to simplify things further.

How is CoinSwitch different from CoinSwitch Pro?

To summarize, CoinSwitch and CoinSwitch Pro are interlinked platforms that one can access via the same app or website. They are both meant to help users trade easily, but one is built for a different class of users.
Good old CoinSwitch keeps it simple. You can buy, sell, and start SIPs in 100+ cryptos instantly starting from ₹100. The platform is one of the easiest crypto apps to navigate, designed for regular users.
Pro, on the other hand, takes it up a notch for experienced traders. Designed to address professional traders’ specific needs, it includes additional features like TradingView charts, limit orders, and access to multiple Indian crypto exchanges. More on this in the section below.

CoinSwitch Pro features

At CoinSwitch, we aspire to get you excited about trading every single day. The following Pro features should help get you there.

Advanced charts and analytical tools by TradingView

CoinSwitch Pro offers users access to TradingView charts with multiple time frames and technical indicators. In fact, in a way, it makes TradingView even easier to use. Because with a free account with TradingView, you can access a maximum of three technical indicators at once. But on Pro, you can access more than three technical indicators at once–a big booon for those interested in technical analysis.

To sum it up, this feature helps users determine the future possible price action based on momentum, so they can place trades accordingly.

Limit orders

With Pro, you can place Limit orders. These orders are executed once the asset’s price reaches a preselected value. The order, once placed, is open for 90 days, after which it expires automatically. While the order remains unexecuted, you can modify it multiple times.

Multi-exchange trading platform

On CoinSwitch Pro, you can access multiple major crypto exchanges in India. Why is that useful? Because different exchanges have different rates due to differing buyer/seller activities. CoinSwitch Pro allows you to profit from the differing rates by buying crypto from an exchange with the lowest price and selling it on another. That is, it supports arbitrage trading. Ours is the first trading platform in India to do this.

Arbitrage trading with CoinSwitch Pro involves a single login. And you get a single portfolio to manage all your investments. So you don’t need multiple accounts on multiple exchanges. This simplicity translates into quicker trades.

Besides, the prices on all platforms will be denominated in Indian rupees, thanks to Pro. So currency conversions are no problem now.


With CoinSwitch Pro, you only need to complete your Know Your Customer (KYC) once to access multiple exchanges. This offers convenience and compliance in one go.

How to access CoinSwitch Pro

To trade on CoinSwitch Pro, download the CoinSwitch app and create an account. If you have such an account and have verified your KYC details, you should be able to find the link by scrolling down a little on the home page.

Logging into CoinSwitch Pro via desktop is also just as straightforward. It’s simply a matter of signing in. However, in case you’re feeling hesitant, here are some steps you could follow:

  • Visit coinswitch.co on your desktop browser.
  • Now click on Login/Signup at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Enter your registered mobile number and click on Get OTP.
  • Submit the OTP received on your registered mobile number.

After successful OTP verification, you will be logged in, and you can start your trading journey on the CoinSwitch Pro platform.

How to use CoinSwitch Pro

CoinSwitch Pro is designed to meet all your advanced trading needs on a single screen.

CoinSwitch Pro interface
The CoinSwitch Pro interface

The list of coins/tokens can be found to the left of the Pro page if you use the website. When you select a cryptocurrency from the list, you will find all the relevant charts in the center of the page. On the extreme right side of the interface, you have the Buy/Sell section, with all prices denominated in INR for quick order execution.

At the bottom are your order book and trade history. (More on this below.)

At the top of the screen is the ticker, consisting of a variety of information that you might want to know at a glance—from 24-hour price change to volumes.

Finally, on the top right of the interface, you will find the option of checking the full history of your orders, segregated exchange- and date-wise. The Wallet and Portfolio options next to it could help you track your CoinSwitch funds and check whether your trades are working out.

Regular buying and selling

CoinSwitch Pro lets you initiate buy and sell orders with ease.

First things first, you must log in to the CoinSwitch Pro website on a laptop/desktop with your CoinSwitch login credentials. And confirm that you have the necessary funds transferred into your CoinSwitch account before you start trading.

Once these things are in place, you can begin to initiate a trade. Start by selecting the price (current or limit) you’re looking for, mention the number of tokens you want to buy, and place the order. For instance, if you’re looking to buy two MATIC tokens, see the screen below to understand how you could go about doing it.

Buying and selling on CoinSwitch
The Buy section of the CoinSwitch Pro interface

Executing sell orders is equally easy. You need to move to the Sell tab, select the exchange you want to sell your tokens on, and place the order. Again, see the image below for reference.

Now, suppose you want to sell the MATIC tokens you purchased at a different exchange. The Pro user interface will show you a complete breakup of the fees involved, including the trading fee.

Sell orders on CoinSwitch Pro
The interface’s fee section

To encourage traders, CoinSwitch Pro also has volume-based discounts. This means you can get an additional discount on the trading fee of 0.1% when you start bringing in more trading volumes. For details, visit the Wallets and Fees section.

Most orders at market price are immediately executed. You can even set limit orders if you’re looking at a lower or higher price than the ones on offer.

All orders, including limit orders, are visible in the My Pro Trades section at the bottom right of the screen.

Arbitrage trading

The exchange toggle option is in the top right corner of the website. Some cryptos (like BTC) will have support across exchanges, while others might be found on only one or two exchanges.

Technical analysis

CoinSwitch Pro can find you a chart for any time frame (half-hourly, hourly, 4-hourly, daily, weekly, or more). Comparing prices across time should help you spot key price movements.

By going Pro, you can also find all the key trading indicators in one place. Yep, you heard that right. Gone are the days when you had to juggle between external sources that had all the charts, draw patterns, lines, and place indicators necessary, and the trading interface.

Trading View Chart on CoinSwitch Pro
TradingView Price chart on the CoinSwitch Pro interface

If you face any issues while using the platform or need clarification, contact us via the “Help Center” section. Our live agents will promptly support you on all working days. No more queues, no more confusion.

Conclusion: Do I need CoinSwitch Pro?

The Pro version of CoinSwitch is a multi-exchange crypto platform built for professional traders, especially those looking to profit from arbitrage opportunities. If you are one of them or have the right skill set and want to get started, CoinSwitch Pro should be the platform of your choice.


Which is better—CoinSwitch or CoinSwitch Pro?

There is no objective answer here. The platform that works better for you would suit your needs. CoinSwitch is designed for regular users looking to buy, sell, and start SIPs to invest in crypto assets. On the other hand, CoinSwitch Pro, as the name suggests, targets professional traders.

What is the minimum investment in CoinSwitch Pro?

You can begin trading on the Pro platform with as little as ₹100.

Can I use both CoinSwitch and CoinSwitch Pro?

Yes, you can use both CoinSwitch and CoinSwitch Pro. In fact, your login credentials for the former allow you to access the latter.

How do I withdraw funds from CoinSwitch Pro? Is there a withdrawal limit?

To withdraw funds, place a withdrawal request on the app, and the funds will be transferred to your bank account in INR. You can withdraw any sum between ₹100 to ₹2,00,000 a day.

Disclaimer: Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions. The information provided in this post is not to be considered investment/financial advice from CoinSwitch. Any action taken upon the information shall be at the user’s risk.

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