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Reasons to Buy Bancor Network (BNT)

  • It is the World’s 109th largest digital currency by Market Cap.
  • Backed by Tim Draper, among other notable investors.
  • Most micro and small-cap assets are illiquid with excessively high transaction costs. Therefore,
  • Bancor (bnt) has increasingly become an essential tool for small-cap players.
  • Bancor serves as a monetary value holder for all such compatible coins to allow easy conversion and liquidity.
  • It enjoys a good competitive edge by providing flexibility to its investors to lock a single token in one of its pools, instead of locking a pair. For instance, either ETH or DAI can be deposited in a pool of ETH & DAI.

Bancor is a boon for investors interested in small and micro-cap coins. It allows such investors to directly convert such tokens, whether or not listed on an exchange, rather than exchanging them on cryptocurrency platforms. It aims to eliminate exchange platforms and middlemen to create a virtual reserve currency with automatic exchange mechanism (prices and volumes being controlled by protocol) to induce liquidity in small-cap markets.

Things to consider before buying Bancor Network (BNT)

  • It induces liquidity but is initially funded by fiat currencies. In extreme circumstances of market-wide panic, the coin itself might lose its own liquidity.
  • The impact of CRR or constant reserve ratio it maintains in all smart contracts to reduce the risk of depletion in value, is relatively understudied in the market, and mostly stays internal to the firm with its algorithms developed.
  • Though there are some concerns that Bancor needs to address, it is, regardless, a market-moving concept for niche players, with wide acceptance. Its biggest competitor is Uniswap.


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