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Reasons to Buy Chromia Coin( CHR)

  • Chromia uses an advanced programming language called Rell, which increases its scalability several times over.
  • CHR tokens can be used seamlessly to pay dApps hosts on the network.
  • In 2021, it returned more than 7,400% of its value to investors.

Chromia is a smart contract and decentralised applications (dApps) ecosystem specialising in developing adaptable open-source software. Chromia was first launched in May 2019 after ChromaWay developed it in early 2014. Ever since, Chromia has been working on overtaking Ethereum as the most significant smart contract player in the space. Many say it still has a long way to go even though it has made steady progress in the past.

Things to consider before buying Chromia Coin( CHR)

  • Chromia has a total market capitalisation of more than $421 million at writing.
  • Staking CHR can earn users up to 25% APR.
  • Chromia is in a stage of rapid development, expanding into several sectors with a host of efficient dApps and smart contracts.


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