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Reasons to Buy Sanbox(SAND)

  • SAND is one of the most significant cryptocurrency tokens behind the blockchain narrative in the gaming world. The Sandbox and a few other platforms are said to lead the blockchain gaming industry in 2021.
  • User-generated and user-controlled gaming content is rapidly becoming the new norm and experts predict that The Sandbox will inevitably lead the change in this space.
  • Decentralised governance within the Sandbox community gives more autonomy to the participants of the ecosystem, which, in turn, incentivises players to hold more significant stakes of SAND for the long term.

SAND is the native token of The Sandbox, a platform that acts as an amalgamation of a game, a game creation engine, and a holistic content sharing platform. Sandbox uses DeFi, NFTs and blockchain technology to enable complete freedom for players inside its ecosystem. Users can create their own universes using different resources and visit others’ while getting rewarded in SAND tokens for their participation. SAND and The Sandbox want to shift users from centralised games to decentralised ones by giving them complete control over their gaming experience. By using features like VoxEdit, The Marketplace, and The Game Maker, users can make their own animated objects and trade in them to earn SAND cryptocurrency.

Things to consider before buying Sanbox(SAND)

  • SAND will act as a governance token in The Sandbox ecosystem. Developers say that The Sandbox is essentially a DAO governed by the SAND token.
  • The maximum supply of SAND tokens is capped at 3 billion. 900 million of those are currently in circulation
  • In-game items collected from The Sandbox can be sold at NFT marketplaces like OpenSea.


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