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What is ? (YFII) is a cryptocurrency that aims at upgrading and enhancing the returns experienced by DeFi investors. It is also known as YFII that is considered a fork for the famous DeFi, an aggregator platform, Finance (YFI). The primary purpose of YFII is to put the highly valued crypto coins to work and earn better profits. 

The protocol for the states that a community does not own it, and hence there are no incentives that can be earned on commercialization. Instead, the liquidity providers can earn a secured number of tokens when they interact with the network. The current supply of in the market is 38.596 YFII coins. In addition, it has a specialized vault, which is a new product launched by the

Primary features of

  • It fulfills the role of the DeFi, working as YFI, i.e., yearn. Finance.
  • The cryptocurrency aims at upgrading and enhancing the returns experienced by DeFi investors.
  • It puts the highly valued crypto coins to work and earns better profits. 
  • It is a fork for the famous DeFi, which is an aggregator platform. Finance (YFI).

Is a promising cryptocurrency? (YFII) is being considered a promising cryptocurrency, and could give long term returns.

How to use

The (YFII) will provide a better return when they are subjected to long-term investments. For example, you can use them in the following ways:

  • Exchange: The (YFII) cryptocurrency can be used to exchange and trade currency on different trading platforms.
  • Investment: The YFII Cryptocurrency will provide higher returns when they are used for long-term investments. 
  • International Transfer: They can be used to quickly transfer funds all across the globe without worrying about any levy charges.
  • Online payment: Several e-commerce websites accept coins as payment methods and can be used for online payments.

Pros & Cons of


  • Fixed Supply:

    Provides a fixed supply and is made according to the current schedule.

  • No Charges:

    It is free of any charge in cases of any governance.

  • Create Good Returns:

    It makes high valued crypto coins work and provide higher returns.


  • Highly Volatile:

    They are highly volatile and could create issues for lenders and borrowers. 

  • Strict Policy:

    You cannot modify the monetary policy of the YFII.

  • Slow & Less Growth:

    A slow increase and returns are significantly less over the short term.

Trade on CoinSwitch kuber

  • A small amount of only Rs 100 is required to start investing in the (YFII).
  • It allows easy exchange of digital currencies.
  • No hidden processing fees are involved in the currency exchange.
  • There is no maturity period, so you can quickly withdraw the amount anytime.
  • You get the best price for exchange available in the international trading market. ICO summary

There was no offering of the (YFII). The coin price in the live market is $4200.62. The coins are not subjected to be owned by any community, which is stated on the website of the

FAQ's on

  • Who is the founder of (YFII)?

Andre Cronje founded the, and the YFII coin launch date was July 2020.

  • What is the market cap of (YFII)?

The market cap of is $162,127,316.

  • What is the maximum supply of the (YFII)?

The maximum supply of the coin is 39,375 YFII coins.

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The primary purpose of YFII is to put the highly valued crypto coins to work and earn better profits.