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What is Tierion ?

Tierion (TNT) is a digital currency that is backed by the Ethereum platform. It is integrated with a network of blockchains used by the token holders to verify, store, and safely share a large number of data files in a single speedy transaction. 

It is currently tied up to 500 applications requiring a network of blockchains to run its database actively. It has the primary purpose of anchoring the data files and keeping them secure. ChainPoint Proof Protocol is the building infrastructure of the Tierion coin.

Primary features of Tierion

  • Ethereum’s blockchain provides the foundation for it.
  • It has a hash which is regarded as the encrypted format of any data.
  • It provides faster processing of all the timestamps.
  • It provides better linking to the anchored data files. 
  • Integration with the Chain point allows it to develop a faster Proofs-per-second.
  • Provides an incentive to all the participants of the network chain that stake the network.

Is Tierion a promising cryptocurrency?

The Tierion network is growing at a break-neck speed. In its two years of market presence, the token managed to grab the attention of tech giants, such as Microsoft and Philips. 

According to the market analysis, it is considered to have a high potential of returning better returns shortly. In addition, its capability to meet the needs of the market has made it very popular. 

It provides safe and secure storage of data. In turn, this has allowed the digital asset sector to bloom.

How to use Tierion ?

It is an ERC20 token backed by the cryptocurrency Ethereum. Additionally, TNT tokens can be stored in different Ethereum wallets and used appropriately. For example, you can use them in the following ways:

  • Exchange: The Ethereum wallet allows it to be easily exchanged with other cryptocurrencies and withdrawn as physical money. 
  • Investment: The TNT token can prove to be highly profitable shortly because the Ethereum coin backs it. 
  • International Transfer: It allows easy transfer of digital currencies and funds worldwide, and you would not have to pay any processing charges.
  • Online payment: You can use the TNT tokens to pay online bills and use it as a payment method on e-commerce websites.

Pros & Cons of Tierion


  • Partnered with Giants:

    In its initial years, it has partnered with technical giants such as Microsoft and Phillips.

  • Safe and Secure:

    Provides a secure authentication process for its token holders.

  • Better Data Security:

    Tierion provides better safeguard features to protect data files.


  • Centralized:

    The Tierion (TNT) crypto is centralized and not distributed.

  • No Backing:

    Any commodity does not directly back it.

Trade Tierion on CoinSwitch kuber

  • You can start investing in Tierion with a small amount of Rs.100 only.
  • Currency exchange can be quickly processed.
  • It does not charge any processing fee.
  • No lock-in periods, so you can withdraw the amount anytime.
  • It provides the best price that is circulating in the live market.

Tierion ICO summary

The Tierion (TNT) token was available for crowd sale from 31st July 2017 to 8th August 2017. The sale offered 35% of the stake for ICO, and it raised a sum of $25,000,000 during the initial sale days. 

The ICO was limited to $0.071 and was available to US citizens only. 

FAQ's on Tierion

  • Who is the founder of Tierion (TNT)?

Wayne Vaughan is the founder of Tierion (TNT).

  • What is the market cap of TNT?

The market cap of TNT is $48.47 million.

  • What is the all-time high value of Tierion cryptocurrency?

The all-time high value of Tierion cryptocurrency has been $25.67.

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Tierion (TNT) is a digital currency, backed by the Ethereum platform. It is integrated with a network of blockchains used by the token holders to verify, store, and safely share a large number of data files in a single speedy transaction.