What is ARK (ARK)?
Future of ARK Cryptocurrency and know how to buy ARK

#1 - What is Ark (ARK)?

Ark (ARK): The Basics

  1. ARK is an open-source, decentralized ecosystem that bridges different blockchain technologies and creates a hybrid blockchain, which it calls “ARK SmartBridges”. ARK is inspired by the projects like Lisk, Crypti, and BitShares with modification in the codes by introducing unique changes and improving Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm.
  2. The main goal of ARK is to create an ecosystem specially designed for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies by consumers. ARK aims to achieve this goal by integrating key technologies and creating a platform on top of a highly secure blockchain.
  3. ARK is not just a cryptocurrency but also a secured blockchain network running on Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. ARK network allows ARK mining by using 51 delegates which are responsible for running network and validating transactions. These delegates are given 2 new ARK tokens as a block reward.

Development of Ark (ARK)

  1. A decentralized team of 27 individuals founded ARK. The team consists of 17 core members which involves Mike Doty (Managing Director / Co-Founder), FX Thoorens (CTO / Co-Founder), Lars Rensing (CFO / Co-Founder), plus three other board members.
  2. ARK launched its Initial Coin Offering which was dubbed “ARK Token Exchange Campaign” between November-December 2016 with the goal to raise 2,000 BTC, at the end of ICO raised upto 1200 BTC which resulted in refunding. The final amount raised was worth of approx. $998,000 at that time.
  3. A total of 125 million ARK tokens were minted during its inception, the tokens were distributed in certain percentage among ICO participants, ARK founder team, ARKShield Program, Escrow, and initial bounties. Refer to the table below for token distribution:

Entity Percentage [Number of Tokens]

Participants of ARK Token Exchange Campaign 75% [93,750,000]

ARK Founders Team 15% [18,750,000]

ARKShield Program 7% [8,750,000]

Bounties 2% [2,500,000]

Escrow 1% [1,250,000]

ARK token distribution table, Total number of tokens = 125,000,000. Source: ARK Whitepaper


#2 - What are the benefits of Ark (ARK)?

ARK Technology

  1. The Ark Crew (team behind ARK) is focused on two critical areas: to create a fast secure core technology to allow practical services for real people. ARK SmartBridges connect several proprietary blockchains to increase the reach of ARK platform. These SmartBridges allow connected blockchains to communicate to each other and grants them the ability to perform advanced functions and tasks.
  2. ARK utilizes a Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism which was originally introduced by BitShare. ARK DPoS relies on 51 nodes or delegates which perform functions such as running the ARK Network and validating transactions. These delegates are selected by a voting system which allows every ARK token holder to participate.

ARK SmartBridge Image

Use case

  1. Through the integration of technology like InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) ARK gained the ability to develop decentralised media services platform, which in turn facilitates ARK crew to build new revenue streams by using Files sharing, audio and video streaming services.
  2. Ark aims to provide a decentralized media streaming platform where content creators can take advantage of a high quality streaming software specifically designed to integrate blockchain services.


#3 How to buy & store ARK?  

How to Buy ARK?

A total sum of 125 million ARK tokens were minted during its inception. ARK rewards its delegates everytime with 2 new tokens when they validate a transaction, which adds to the total supply. AS a result of ARK mining, The total supply of ARK tokens has reached over 125 million.

  1. ARK tokens are available to buy or exchange on several exchanges globally such as Binance, LIVECOIN, SimpleSwap, CoinSpot, UPbit, BITTrex, and many others. Most markets have paired ARK with BTC.
  2. Users can save a lot of time by taking advantage of the services provided by CoinSwitch, the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform. CoinSwitch allows its users to compare rates across all exchange services, users can choose best option possible. And all this happens at a single place.  

How to Store ARK?

  1. Users can store their ARK tokens on officially supported ARK Wallet. It is available on multiple platforms such as  ARK desktop Wallet, ARK iOS Wallet, ARK Paper WAllet, Mobile Ark for Android.
  2. ARK tokens can also be stored on a hardware wallet such as Ledger Nano S . ARK has partnered with Ledger which has allowed them to launch their own branded hardware wallet called ARK brand Ledger Nano S.


#4 - What is the future of ARK?

Trend so far

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  1. As of June 2018, with market capitalisation of worth $141 million, ARK is ranked 66th  in global market. The total supply of token is 134,678,402 ARK, out of which 103,428,402 ARK belong to circulating supply.
  2. ARK launched with the initial price of $0.032677 in March 2017, at the end of year 2018 ARK’s price was listed at $7.04. On January 09th 2018 ARK’s price reached its highest of  10.92. As of June 2018 its price stays on $1.37.  

Price History







Market Cap

Mar 22, 2017







Jun 01, 2017







Sep 01, 2017







Dec 01, 2017







Mar 01, 2018







Jun 01, 2018







Support & Regulation

  1. ARK has collaborated or partnered with several media giants such as Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Inc. etc. its has also partnered with Ledger, which enabled ARK to launch their own branded ARK Ledger Nano S Wallet.
  2. During January 2018, ARK and Bitcoin PR Buzz (one of largest crypto PR entity) entered in a strategic partnership. Since ARK and Bitcoin PR Buzz have same goal i.e. to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies in consumers.


#5 - How is ARK different from other cryptocurrencies?

  1. ARK is conceived from Lisk, Bitshare, and Crypti, but with modification in code to improve its consensus mechanism, dubbed, Delegates Proof-of-Stake. This interconnection with the code will allow ARK to interact with other blockchain technologies with relative ease.
  2. ARK ecosystem allows integration of different blockchain and creating a platform on top of a highly secure blockchain which in turn, enhances the capabilities of ARK Network.


#6 - Should you invest in ARK?

  1. If we look at the performance of ARK, we find that it has performed well. During the beginning of 2018 a considerable growth in its price can be seen. Though as of June 2018 ARK’s price have slided down to $1.37.
  2. ARK has scored some major partnerships with some renowned firms such as Ledger and Bitcoin PR Buzz. It has also been featured by several media outlets like Forbes, Inc, Yahoo Finance, CoinCentral, Smith-Crown, NEWSBTC, CoinTelegraph, etc.
  3. ARK has plans to launch several blockchain integrated services, which will help ARK to build new revenue streams, such as media streaming services, a digital collectible card game, community sales platform etc.
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