BitSend (BSD)

BITSEND (BSD) is digital cash you can spend anywhere, on the BitSend platform, miners can earn money by securing the blockchain and so-called “master nodes” are rewarded for saving the blockchain and making it available to users.Nodes are a layer of networks that work in secured patterns to provide a variety of decentralized services. They also protect against threats from low-cost networks. The more master nodes a network has, the more secure is the performance in the network and the greater the capacity for end users to transfer digital money globally and 24/7.

The BitSend Core 0.14 Wallet is a wallet that implements SegWit technology. This means that it is possible for software to separate transaction signatures from the part of the data of a transaction that is hidden by “txid”. If you want to mine BitSend, the following key data is relevant for you: BitSend can be mined with the algorithm Xevan.

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