What is ExclusiveCoin (EXCL)?
Future of EXCL Cryptocurrency and know how to buy EXCL

#1 – What is Exclusive Coin?

Exclusive Coin – The Basics

  1. Exclusive Coin is one of the many digital currencies in the market. An old established currency, Exclusive Coin is still one of the very few masternode coins in the market. It is a decentralized coin with a well-established reputation as a transparent cryptocurrency.
  2. It is not only easy to use but also prioritizes the users’ privacy.
  3. The blockchain for this currency is 3 years old.

Exclusive Coin Development

  1. EXCL was initiated in 2014 as a hybrid of Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of State (PoS). Its ICO was launched with 60 million coins.
  2. However, with the collapse of its biggest exchange, Cryptsy, millions of coins were lost.
  3. The company has started its operation from scratch since then and shifted the entire functioning to PoS.
  4. Today, it is operating at 4 million coins with a 2% PoS.


#2 – What are the benefits of Exclusive Coin?

Exclusive Coin Technology

  1. Exclusive Coin is a masternode platform that employs a computer wallet to operate the blockchain and relay the blocks. Apart from enabling speedy payments, it also ensures that all the transactions are private and secured. Exclusive Coin is an inflationary currency and offers an annual 2% PoS to its users.
  2. Exclusive Coin also employs the DarkSend protocol to make the transactions fully anonymous as well as untraceable. DarkSend is a coin-mixing technique that mixes two or more transactions in order to make the direction of inputs and outputs unknown to anyone other than the parties involved.

Transactional Process

  1. The process of making transactions through Exclusive Coin is similar to other altcoins. Users have to first visit EXCL’s official website and download the wallet. They can then follow the prompts and set up the wallet.
  2. Once the setup is complete, you can purchase EXCL coins in trade for USD or any other cryptocurrency.
  3. Fill in the details of the transaction that you wish to make. You will receive a public and a private key for every transaction. These keys are to be stored safely.
  4. Once the transaction is signed, the network performs its verification process and finishes the payment after the scan is complete.


  1. Easy Mining: Exclusive Coin uses the PoS system and ascribes the mining power to the number of coins a miner holds. It, thus, removes the complicated mining procedure of the PoW system.
  2. Open Source: The masternode platform is free as well as open source. It is available for download on GitHub. The company aims to interact with their community through Discord in order to gain users' insights for future development.
  3. Speed: By reducing the confirmation time, Exclusive Coin offers faster transactions. With EXCL, the waiting time is much less and users can make speedy payments.
  4. Decentralized: Like many other cryptos, Exclusive Coin works on a decentralized system without any central server.


#3 – How to buy and store Exclusive Coin?

How to buy EXCL

You can purchase EXCL directly from the Exclusive Coin wallet. There are cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Bittrex, CryptoBridge, OpenLedger, Upbit, and CoinExchange that allow you to purchase EXCL. You can trade EXCL for USD, BTS, ETH, and CNY.

  1. One of the best options to purchase EXCL coins is from the largest cryptocurrency conversion platform, CoinSwitch. With 300 altcoins, cryptocurrencies, tokens and over 45,000 exchange pairs all at one place, CoinSwitch offers you a fully integrated experience. It has a simple interface and lets you compare all the prices to get the best deal.
  2. What’s more - with CoinSwitch, you do not rely on a separate wallet from the exchange to store your EXCL cryptocurrency. Instead, all transactions happen to and from your own personal private wallets.


  1. Exclusive Coin’s official website provides the option to download its wallet. It is compliant with multiple platforms like Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, in order to let you access your coins from any operating system.
  2. You have to first download the wallet and register yourself.
  3. Set up the wallet and add some cryptocurrency such as BTC or ETH.
  4. You can then purchase EXCL coins in exchange for your cryptos and keep them safely stored in this wallet.


#4 – What is the future of Exclusive Coin?

Despite suffering from a huge loss of over 50 million coins, Exclusive Coin has established itself again. Its current technology enables the users to make easy and quick transactions using this decentralized currency. Exclusive Coin’s roadmap also looks quite promising. It is planning to bring in many new features and additions to its technology.

  1. On-The-Fly Exchange: This feature will allow the users to make transactions on the go from any portal that accepts Bitcoin.
  2. Electrum Light Wallet: Electrum is a popular Bitcoin wallet. Its lightweight transactions will provide more convenience and speed to Exclusive Coin transactions.
  3. Android Wallet: This wallet will enable the users to access their EXCL coins from their mobile itself. By increasing the coin’s accessibility, the company is aiming to amplify its mass adoption.
  4. Zerocash Protocol: This protocol will provide anonymity to every EXCL transaction.

Exclusive Coin also plans to add casino gambling to its wallet in order to lure those who wish to make more profits from their EXCL coins. The company is also planning to open stores which will sell software and hardware, purchasable only with EXCL.

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#5 – How is Exclusive Coin different from other cryptocurrencies?

When compared with other cryptocurrencies, Exclusive Coin offers certain unique features.

  1. It is one of the very few cryptocurrencies that operate through masternodes.
  2. While BitCoin operates on a PoW system, Ethereum is in the process of switching from PoW to PoS. Exclusive Coin, at the same time, works as a full Proof of Stake coin.
  3. It also employs the DarkSend technology to allow its users to make unidentifiable transactions.


#6 – Should you invest in Exclusive Coin?

  1. Since its initial collapse, Exclusive Coin has done considerably well to come into the crypto market once again. Its lead developer, Kingscrown developed this altcoin with the aim of improving privacy in crypto transactions. He is an expert developer with experience of working with other cryptocurrencies such as HBN, COL and LGD.
  2. Exclusive Coin has its own target market with products available at discounted prices in exchange for EXCL coins.
  3. EXCL’s price has been continuously falling since May 2018. Its circulation proportion is 4,671,720 coins with a market cap of $1,842,765 USD.
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