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What is 0x ?

0x (zrx) is a cryptocurrency that works as an Ethereum token. It is used as a backing commodity for the 0x protocol. The 0x protocol allows the trading of Ethereum tokens. The exchange of coins is at a lower cost and can be directly done through the digital wallet. It is a decentralized exchange of tokens that is based on Ethereum. The 0x cryptocurrency uses smart contracts that are shared throughout the network. 

The Ethereum based coin is made up of the combination of two strategies. First, using a state channel allows offline transactions to take place, which reduces the cost when the transactions are carried on the Ethereum network. 

Whereas AMMs bring forward a third party into the trading process when the cost of crypto assets drops down to a threshold amount. It is also referred to as crypto that processes off-chain relays and devices on-chain settlements.

Primary features of 0x

  • Provides better accessibility for different types of assets. 
  • The 0x coin was aimed at providing more liquidity and free flow of digital assets.
  • It is decentralized and allows the exchange of ERC20 tokens. 
  • It drives the monitoring of the 0x protocol and provides better functioning.
  • It enhances offline as well as online transactions and makes them free-flowing. 
  • It is an unmineable cryptocurrency.
  • It works based on proof-of-work.
  • It allows a token holder to earn profits by staking coins in the Ethereum blockchain.

Is 0x a promising cryptocurrency?

0x (zrx) is seeing a positive trend in the year 2021. It did not perform well in 2020 as the whole crypto market was down due to the pandemic. However, it is very beneficial for daily traders. 

According to market analysis, it is believed to reach better amounts by the end of 2028. And will be highly profitable for long-term investments. So if you trade 0x in the year 2021, it will provide you higher profits in the future.

How to use 0x coins?

The 0x cryptocurrency has developed its applications to process different exchange processes. It provides its token holders the ability to earn liquidity with the 0x protocol. You can use them in the following ways:

  • Exchange: The 0x exchange can be quickly done and used for trading on the Ethereum blockchain. 
  • Investment: The zrx coin price is currently experiencing again in the market. It is highly profitable for the day-to-day trader. Therefore, investing in them could be beneficial.
  • International Transfer: It allows token holders to quickly transfer funds all across the globe without worrying about any levy charges. 

Online payment: Several e-commerce websites accept zrx coins as a payment method. Therefore, they can also be used for online payments.

Pros & Cons of 0x coin


  • Secured System: Provides a financial system that is highly secured and safe.
  • Better Control: It provides better control over the monitoring of the 0x protocol
  • Invincible: It is an unmineable cryptocurrency.

Good for the Long-term: It is profitable as a long-term investment.


  • Low Market: The current market for 0x is down. 

Trade 0x coin on CoinSwitch kuber

  • It only requires a small amount of Rs.100 to start investing in the 0x (zrx).
  • You can easily exchange digital currencies.
  • It does not have any hidden processing fees involved in the currency exchange.
  • You can easily withdraw the amount anytime as there is no maturity period.
  • You get the best price for exchange available in the international trading market.

0x ICO summary

The ICO for 0x (zrx) ended on 16th July 2017. In the initial offering, it raised an amount of $24million. During the ICO, 50% of the entire stock was available for crowd sale. 

However, the remaining 50% of the stock was offered to an unknown commodity. A total number of 12000 investors were offered tokens in the sale. The ICO price of the token was $0.048, and accepted payments in the form of Ethereum tokens as well. 

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