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    Aelf (elf) is a cryptocurrency that works as an operating system. It is an open-source network of business blockchains that provides a complete solution for all business needs. The blockchain of the networks is designed to create an infrastructure of one main chain, which is connected to several side chains. This allows the developers to deploy DApps independently on isolated side chains. It also allows the resources to achieve isolation. 

    Aelf exchange creates a secure connection of the network between isolated side chains and the leading chains. This makes interoperability between the side chains, which is direct. Furthermore, it complies with the need for different applications through different network models. This works as an autonomous system and processes through an incentive model. 

    Aelf provides a mature IDE to the developers to debug, deploy, and develop several applications schemes. In addition, it provides its users with a blockchain solution that is modularized and ensures flexibility. 

    It aims to provide hand-in-hand development that is subjected to help blockchains as well as different core economies.

    Primary features of aelf

    • Works as an operating system for all the different business network chains.
    • The Aelf cryptocurrency is designed in a way to create an infrastructure that allows simple solutions.
    • It is an autonomous system and processes through an incentive model. Consequently, supporting the security of several blockchains. 
    • It provides hand-in-hand development that is subjected to help blockchains as well as different core economies.
    • It takes a systematic approach to remove any kind of security threats. 
    • Provides better governance of several applications through different governance models. 

    Is aelf a promising cryptocurrency?

    Aelf (elf) is going places in the year 2021 as the Chinese government has supported the blockchains of Aelf. Additionally, the elf crypto will provide a better return in the future. The value of the Aelf coin will see an increase of 194.87% in five years. This has made it highly promising and is one of the digital currencies creating a steady surge in the market.

    How to use aelf?

    The Aelf cryptocurrency recently received support from the Chinese government. This has opened a window for the crypto in the market to become valued. You can use them in the following ways:

    • Exchange: The Aelf coin can be easily used to exchange funds and also for trading.
    • Investment: The Aelf coin price is subject to increase in the coming years, and therefore, investing in them will be highly profitable.
    • International Transfer: Allows easy transfer of funds all across the globe without worrying about any levy charges. 

    Online payment: Several e-commerce websites accept Aelf coins as payment methods and can be used for online payments.

    Pros & Cons of aelf


    • Secure Transactions: Provides a highly secured environment for business transactions. 
    • Positive in the Long Run: It has a success rate of 3.9%, which seems very positive in the long. 
    • Smooth Monitoring: It has several governance models that help in monitoring different sections of business blockchain. 


    • No Backing: Any backing commodity does not support it.
    • Complex System: It has a complex infrastructure system. 

    Trade aelf on CoinSwitch

    • It only requires a small amount of Rs.100 to start investing in the Aelf (elf).
    • You can easily exchange digital currencies.
    • It does not have any hidden processing fees involved in the currency exchange.
    • You can easily withdraw the amount anytime as there is no maturity period.
    • You get the best price for exchange available in the international trading market.

    aelf ICO summary

    The ICO for Aelf (elf) ended on 9th December 2017. 25% of the stock was available for crowd sale in the initial offering, whereas the total tokens offered were 1,000,000,000. While 25% of the tokens were kept secured for the founders, 12% were reserved for marketing, and 10% for different advisors and partners that were related. It raised an amount of $24,750,000, where one token was valued at $0.099.

    Disclaimer : Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions. The information provided in this post is not to be considered as investment/financial advice from CoinSwitch. Any action taken upon the information shall be at user's own risk.

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Aelf (elf) is going places in the year 2021 as the Chinese government has supported the blockchains of Aelf.


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