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Alien Worlds

What is Alien Worlds ?

Alien Worlds is a virtual metaverse game that allows players to earn by playing. It is an application that uses the Play-to-Earn model by incentivizing the participation of users by giving them NFT packs from the game or currencies like Trilium (TLM). In this game, just like any other blockchain game, players compete with each other for scarce resources. TLM tokens and other NFTs earned by progressing in the game can either be staked on the network or exchanged for other assets.

Alien Worlds incorporates a very important DeFi aspect in the game where players can advance tier positions or gaming hierarchy by voting in Planet DAOs in the game. Players with significant assets can vote on DAOs and give their two cents on proposed changes in the network.

Primary features of Alien Worlds

  • The game is hosted on the WAX network, which works in conjunction with the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum.
  • Players can also stake their coins as part of a “mission” on the game, to access core gaming features like Federations and Planets.
  • Players can also, with sufficient funds and in-game assets, apply for planetary counselor positions, which help rule the planet for all.

Is Alien Worlds a promising cryptocurrency?

The Alien Worlds’ token depends on three main blockchain technologies: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and WAX. All these are popular networks with a lot of credibility in the crypto world. While BSC supports DeFi wallets on the ecosystem, Ethereum offers functionalities like data coordination, rapid deployment, and high scalability. The growing popularity of these underlying blockchains could unlock greater potential for TLM down the line.

How to use Alien Worlds?

  • TLM coins can be used to acquire NFTs in the Alien Worlds ecosystem.
  • Tokens can be staked for regular block rewards and returns.
  • Can be staked by prospective candidates to participate in DAO elections
  • Can be used to access in-game quests and gain access to mythical and legendary items

Pros & Cons of Alien Worlds


  • TLM coins are very versatile since they can be used to buy in-game items like NFTs, and staked on the network to earn block rewards as passive income.
  • TLM investors also receive additional tokens for helping develop the ecosystem by participating in activities.
  • TLM can be migrated across BSC, Ethereum, and WAX for added functionality.


TLM, however, faces stiff competition from direct competitors like GALA, ALICE and MANA, all of which operate in roughy the game category.

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Alien Worlds


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TLM tokens can be staked, exchanged for in-game items, or used as entry tickets to exclusive quests and events hosted on the Alien Worlds virtual platform.