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Band Protocol

What is Band Protocol ?

The Band Protocol is a program to encourage a user network to supply real-world data to decentralized blockchain applications (dapps).

For instance, if an app developer wishes to let its users know the gold price, it needs to estimate its cost at the requested later date.

To guarantee that its intelligent contracts correctly perform, Band Protocol offers a service to provide and evaluate external data using software that encourages a specific class of users, known as validators.

An eponymous firm headquartered in Thailand develops Band Protocol. There are three founding officers: the Chief Executive Officer of Soravis Srinawakoon, the Chief Technology Officer of Sorawit Suriyakarn, and the Chief Product Officer of Paul Nattapatsiri.

Primary features of Band Protocol

  • Band Protocol is a decentralized oracle that is used to access off-chain data using blockchain smart contracts.
  • It works with Ethereum, but also other blockchains, decentralized apps.
  • The BAND token is utilized and may be staked for payments, income, and administration.

Is Band Protocol a promising cryptocurrency?

As a middleman between older internet sources and blockchains, the Band Protocol acts. The program processes data requests from decentralized apps and transmits information with a data feed from the rest of the web. It achieves this by utilizing its own blockchain, making it possible to control and validate all its transactions commercially.

The Band team claims that this helps to prevent any manipulation, inaccuracy, or other damage to data supplied by its users. However, it is the responsibility of validators to verify that the Band Protocol transactions are correct and blockchain the addition of new transactions to the Band Protocol.

How to use Band Protocol coins?

  • Real-world data:

    Dapps utilize Band Protocol to access real-world data from a blockchain location.

  • Best for every user:

    An incentive to acquire and use the BAND tokens might occur for the typical user.

  • Global transactions:

    BAND is used to pay for blockchain transactions, governance, and rewards validators for new blocks.

Pros & Cons of Band Protocol coin


  • Reliable – It is a reliable cryptocurrency.
  • Investment – Easy to invest.
  • Security – Works under high-end encryption of security and privacy.


  • Stagnant Growth – Has a lot of competitors who hamper its image and stops it from growing.
  • Low-Quality – Band Chain will only support free, low-quality APIs.
  • High Costs – Nodes experience increased operating costs.

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Band Protocol ICO summary

The original supply of the protocol was BAND 100 million, 12,37% of which was distributed via their token sales. Also, private sales of tokens were carried out by Band, raising 2 million dollars.

In all, almost 27 percent were sold to early investors of the BAND token supply. An additional 25% of BAND tokens are earmarked for the ecosystem of the Band Protocol, and 22% are for the development team and the development supervisor base.

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Band Protocol


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Band Protocol is a decentralized oracle that is used to access off-chain data using blockchain smart contracts.