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What is Binance ?

The Binance cryptocurrency is issued by its exchange called Binance and trades under the sign BnB. A native Binance coin formerly ran on the Ethereum blockchain with the ERC20 standard but has now become the native token of the Binance network. There is a tight limit of 200 million BnB tokens for Binance Coins. 

Binance Chain (BnB) is Binance’s native currency.

All Binance coins in its vault are permanently destroyed or “burned” every quarter using one-fifth of the company’s revenues.

As of 2017, Binance was developed as a utility token for discounted trading costs, but its usage has grown to include payments for transaction fees (on the Binance Chain), travel reservations, entertainment, and online services.

Primary features of Binance

  • Enhance exchange: Binance coin is anticipated to enhance exchange 
  • Multi-functioning: It allows users to pay for other services on the Binance Exchange, including trading fees, exchange fees, listing costs, and any other expenses.
  • Good competitor: Binance coin has given tough competition to large cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Is Binance a promising cryptocurrency?

Recent Binance Coin price increases have been attributed to Binance’s vast breadth of its product. One of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges in the world is operated by the company. 

You can pay exchange costs with BnB tokens. Using BnB decreases trading expenses, and the token may generate interest in a variety of different ways. BnB holders can earn as much as 10 percent APY or more, depending on the degree of risk they are willing to take and the length of time they are eager to lock up their coins.

How to use Binance ?

BnB cryptocurrency has several applications outside of the Binance exchange, including:

  • You can pay with your credit card.
  • Travel arrangements can be paid for (on select websites)
  • Virtual presents can be purchased here.
  • Payments are processed through a third party
  • Make investments in your business.
  • Make loans and transfers to and from your account.
  • Donate to a charitable organization

Pros & Cons of Binance


  • Best utility token:

    As of 2021, the BnB coin is regarded as one of the most helpful utility tokens available in the crypto world. 

  • Unique burndown policy:

    BnB’s development and stability depend on its capacity to burn.

  • Binance users enjoy savings while paying fees on the exchange, which is one of the primary advantages of investing in BnB.


  • Heavily centralized:

    The coin is controlled and maintained by Binance which is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange.

  • Binance has been a target of authorities for years, and it appears like 2021 might be the year.

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  • The app allows instant cancellations and quick deposits to the bank
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FAQ's on Binance

  • What is Binance Coin?

Binance Coin (BnB) was created to pay transaction and trading fees on Binance Exchange, as its name suggests.

  • What Is Binance Coin Worth?

The approximate worth of the BnB coin is $303.11.

  • What Is Binance Coin Futures?

BnB cryptocurrency is growing day by day and holds a positive future in the trading market as more and more people are trying to invest in the coin.

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The Binance cryptocurrency is issued by its exchange called Binance and trades under the sign BnB.