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What is Bitcoin ?

The world’s first digital currency was launched in January 2009 and is called Bitcoin. The works of this currency were based on ideas presented in a whitepaper by a mysterious author under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. Due to this, the identity of the individual behind the technology remains a mystery.

About Bitcoin cryptocurrency

Bitcoins are a form of cryptocurrency or digital currency. There’s no way someone can steal bitcoin; it’s stored on a public ledger that’s available to everyone in real-time. A tremendous amount of processing power verifies all bitcoin transactions. An individual bitcoin is neither valued as a commodity nor issued by or guaranteed by any banks or governments.

Primary features of Bitcoin

  • Decentralization:

    Decentralization is the first and most important property of bitcoin. Like previous currencies, bitcoin does not have a central power that issues and manages the money, which can be the government or any other entity.

  • Transparency:

    On the other hand, everyone can see on the ledger board how many transactions have been done by which users and who is/are the receivers of the bitcoins.

  • Opaqueness:

    As a result, we no longer need to remind you that Bitcoin users stay anonymous and cannot be tracked.

Is Bitcoin a promising cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that entered the market. Since inception, the coin has witnessed tremendous growth of nearly a million times despite several challenges. 

Over the past year alone, Bitcoin has grown by nearly 300%. However, Bitcoin like every other cryptocurrency is a highly volatile asset. So, it is good to do your own research before investing.

How to use Bitcoin coins?

When it comes to Bitcoin, it’s best used as a digital payment method. A ledger of payments is recorded transparently on the blockchain, and you have complete control over your transactions and greater anonymity.

To use Bitcoin value, you’ll need a digital wallet that holds your balance safely. Several Bitcoin wallets allow you to conduct transfers using both an alphanumeric code and a QR code.

Pros & Cons of Bitcoin coin


  • Easy to purchase:

    Bitcoin is very quickly purchased through cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • Simple to encash:

    Cashing out and selling bitcoin is simple if you need cash.

  • Returns that might be high –

    Bitcoin value charts tend to peak at extraordinarily high levels.

  • Traceable:

    You always know where your bitcoin comes from and where it is going.


  • Unregulated:

    If something goes wrong, you are legally defenseless. You can’t use it to make purchases. So, to begin with, it must be converted to ordinary currency.

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Bitcoins are a form of cryptocurrency or digital currency. There's no way someone can steal bitcoin; it's stored on a public ledger that's available to everyone in real-time.