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Reasons to Buy JASMY Coin

  • JASMY is the first cryptocurrency to get launched in accordance with strict Japanese laws.
  • The project is subject to strict scrutiny by the Japanese government at regular intervals.
  • Since the coin is an officially listed cryptocurrency, it is also considered equivalent to stocks and similar securities in some parts of the world.

JASMY is the utility token of the Jasmy Platform. Jasmy itself is an organization that develops decentralized IoT platforms using decentralized storage networks. JasmyCoin can be used by companies to store user-owned data in secure data lockers on the platform. Through this ecosystem, the transparency and fairness of data transactions between the user and the company is assured.

Things to consider before buying Jasmy Coin

  • While JASMY has exploded in the past, that kind of explosive growth is unsustainable in the long run.
  • The main function of the JASMY token is to provide a payment solution for personal data when using IoT services and devices.
  • The project behind JASMY hopes that with increasing adoption and usage of the coin, the value (and price) of the token will gradually increase as well.


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