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What is COTI ?

COTI is a blockchain protocol that has been optimised for decentralised payments. The coin is based on a DAG and achieves scalability by using parallel source selection and Trust Scores. The network can be used by governments, payment dApps, merchants, and stable coin issuers to transact efficiently through an online ledger. COTI also incentivises and empowers platforms to build their own payments solutions that facilitate global transactions. COTI Pay is the first application built on this network, and it is described as a fully integrated and holistic finance app that’s based on the blockchain. 

Primary features of COTI

  • COTI is a native cryptocurrency that can be used as a medium for transacting P2P and as a store of value.
  • COTI serves as a trust chain network that operates on the Ethereum network as an ERC20 token.
  • COTI (COTI) has a maximum supply of 22 billion coins. There are currently around 869 million COTI coins in circulation today.

Is COTI a promising cryptocurrency?

The COTI Group was launched in March of 2017. The ecosystem is designed to remove the barriers faced by users while going through traditional financial institutions. These include latency, high fees, global trade laws, and risks. The network’s objective is to bypass these hurdles with DAG-based protocols and infrastructure without compromising scalability, privacy, and speed.

COTI helps businesses reduce their operational and processing fees by establishing their stablecoin infrastructure. COTI claims to be the first platform that optimises companies’ payments structures to allow such transactions. By placing both the money and data into the hands of the customer, COTI removes the volatility from these companies’ digital tokens and enhances dependability. 

How to use COTI coins?

  • COTI coins can be used to engage with COTI’s blockchain protocol
  • They can be used as an investment instrument for parking your resources
  • COTI coins can also be used as a transfer protocol for P2P payments over the blockchain

Pros & Cons of COTI coin


  • The COTI platform does provide a comprehensive solution for corporations and businesses who want to scale in the blockchain world
  • COTI provides an additional trust layer and hedge opportunities to businesses which help them manage their risk


  • The network is still in the early stages of development

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COTI is the native token for a blockchain platform that creates robust payments solutions for businesses and corporations who want to scale their blockchain transactional infrastructure.