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What is DIA ?

Smart contracts miners utilize DIA, an open-source platform that provides data, to execute transactions. To compensate data suppliers, DIA coins are used. 

The main difference between DIA and other oracles is that data is obtained and assessed only by stakeholders through crowdsourcing, similar to Wikipedia.

It’s an entirely user-controlled system in which users are rewarded (in the form of coins) for their data-gathering activities. These are DIA coins that you will receive as a prize.

Primary features of DIA

  • Passive income: As a bonus, the DIA coin offers a special interest rate dubbed the DIA Saver’s Rate (DSR).
  • Decentralized: Due to DIA’s decentralized architecture, investors have unfettered access to their cash. Due to its permissionless and transparent structure, there are no middlemen, approvals, or credit checks.
  • Secure: Two-factor authentication and other security features, including routine audits and DIA’s secure integrated wallet, enhance the ecosystem’s safety.

Is DIA a promising cryptocurrency?

It is possible. Remember that the primary function of the DIA currency is to serve as a store of value for the user. Therefore, it’s ideal if the price doesn’t increase too much. You’ll need to perform your study on the subject. Never invest more money than you can afford to lose.

How to use DIA coins?

Cryptoassets such as Ethereum or Bitcoin are volatile, and DIA can serve as a steady hedge or counterbalance. The DIA’s stability will also benefit investors or traders who believe that the market is headed down.

Pros & Cons of DIA coin


  • ERC20:

    It’s easy to transmit, transparent, and safe because it’s based on Ethereum’s blockchain technology. ERC20 DIAs can be kept in personal hardware wallets where the users own private keys.

  • Censorship:

    A stable coin immune to the government or regulatory censorship, DIA is regulated by smart contracts.

  • Transparency:

    Due to DIA’s use of Ethereum as collateral, it’s immutably verifiable on the Ethereum Blockchain.


  • Liquidity:

    Compared to centralized stablecoins like USDT and USDC, DIA is only listed on a handful of big exchanges and has a fraction of the trading pairs.

  • Ethereum Collateralized:

    The DIA cryptocurrency is collateralized by Ethereum, a significantly more volatile asset than the US Dollar, making it a risky investment. Compared to currency-backed stablecoins that are collateralized by fiat, Ethereum is hundreds of times more likely to flash crash.

  • Peg stability:

    Due to being collateralized by a volatile asset on Ethereum, DIA is more susceptible to USD price swings than centralized stablecoins.

Trade DIA coin on CoinSwitch kuber

  • It’s possible to start investing and trading with as little as Rs.100.
  • You can instantly withdraw money from your account. 
  • It also offers quick deposits.
  • Dia coins can be exchanged at no cost.
  • The user interface is intuitive and straightforward.

DIA ICO summary

The Dia coin started in July 2020 and ran successfully, giving the customers an excellent experience for earning passive income. Its ICO Token price was $0.5, and there are a total of 200,000,000 coins in the system.

FAQ's on DIA

  • Where Can One Buy Dia?

DIA may be produced using Ethereum as collateral. You may buy DIA on exchanges like Kuber. 

  • Is Dia A Good Option To Earn Interest?

Yes. Many services allow users to earn interest in DIA, an essential element of the blockchain financial ecosystem.

  • Is Dia Safe?

How safe is defined is a factor. Unlike centralized stablecoins, DIA cannot be taken or confiscated by anybody, making it more secure. However, due to the volatility of Ethereum, DIA’s value isn’t as secure as controlled stablecoins.

  • How To Invest In Dia Coins?

You can easily invest in the Dia coins from CoinSwitch Kuber by understanding the latest Dia cryptocurrency price.

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Dia is an entirely user-controlled system in which users are rewarded for their data-gathering activities.