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iExec RLC (rlc)

What is iExec RLC ?

iExec enables developers to run programmes on a decentralised marketplace for cloud resources. iExec RLC is an Ethereum token used to pay for and rent computing power and data on the iExec cloud platform. 

Six PhDs comprise iExec’s core staff, four of whom have worked in cloud computing since the early 2000s. Gilles Fedak, Haiwu He, Oleg Lodygensky, and Mircea Moca have expertise in building grid computing programmes at INRIA and CNRS. iExec is the culmination of their experiences following Gilles Fedak’s 2016 discovery of Ethereum.

Primary features of iExec RLC

  • iExec is a decentralised cloud computing platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. 
  • iExec provides on-demand access to computing resources and technology on the iExec cloud to decentralised applications (dApps).
  • DApps can access cost-effective and high-performance resources, like servers, databases, SaaS applications, web hosting, and computer farms.
  • The iExec RLC coin is iExec’s native cryptocurrency. It is the principal asset utilised to access services within the iExec infrastructure. RLC is an acronym for “Run on a Large Number of Computers.”

Is iExec RLC a promising cryptocurrency?

According to the most recent statistics, the current price of iExec RLC is $3.68, making it the 144 most valuable cryptocurrency in the whole crypto ecosystem. iExec RLC has a circulating supply of 80,070,793 shares and a market capitalisation of $295,257,532.

The partnership of well-known companies such as Nvidia, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud, and IBM with iExec has made the RLC coins’ future look promising.

How to use iExec RLC coins?

  • Gain access to the platform: 

Users can use iExec RLC cryptocurrency to access the platform’s computing capacity. 

  • Settle deals: 

One can use RLC tokens within the protocol to settle deals.

  • Payment: 

All resource providers accept RLC tokens as payment, making it simple for anybody to use the iExec network.

  • Trade: 

Users who believe that the price of the coin will rise can trade and book profits.

Pros & Cons of iExec RLC coin


  • Innovative platform:

    iExec has developed an innovative platform that enables Big Data and High-Performance Computing (HPC) applications.

  • Accessible:

    Although high-performance computing is a costly and complicated service, iExec has provided on-demand access to computing resources on the iExec platform.

  • Superior software:

    They build iExec on established software, XtremWeb-HEP, which has been operating for almost ten years. The programme has shown superior performance in various fields, including aeronautics, signal processing, finance, and high energy physics.

  • Cost-effective:

    iExec is cost-effective, which enables direct peer-to-peer contact between resource suppliers and consumers. The Ethereum blockchain eliminates the need for any third-party involvement, decreasing the cost.


It has many competitors in the decentralised cloud segment.

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iExec RLC ICO summary

iExec raised its total of $12 million through ICO in just six hours. This made it the fifth largest ICO in history.

FAQ's on iExec RLC

  • Is iExec RLC (RLC) a good investment?

The value of iExec RLC is likely to continue to grow as it has a limited supply. Moreover, their partnership with different market leaders can also boost the iExec coin price. But, please keep in mind that each investment involves some risk. 

  • What does iExec do?

iExec’s goal is to decentralise the cloud computing process to reduce the danger of data being hacked, stolen, or damaged. For the off-chain computation of blockchain applications, they have partitioned the iExec cloud servers into several nodes. This is conceptually comparable to the Siacoin cloud storage platform.

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iExec is a decentralised cloud computing platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. It provides on-demand access to computing resources and technology on the iExec cloud to decentralised applications (dApps).