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What is JASMY ?

JasmyCoin is the utility token of the Jasmy platform. According to the official JasmyCoin website, there are two main functions of JASMY: Maximizing the value of personal data and shaping the market in the medium and long term through market entry by institutional investors.

JasmyCoin can be used by companies to store user-owned data in secure data lockers on the platform. Through this ecosystem, the transparency and fairness of data transactions between the user and the company is assured.

Primary features of JASMY

  • JasmyCoin is essentially designed for the Internet of Things. It aims to provide a safe, user-oriented environment in which personal data can be stored and exchanged according to the user’s preferences.
  • The Jasmy blockchain is designed specifically to grant people the ability to take control of their personal data on the blockchain.

Is JASMY a promising cryptocurrency?

JasmyCoin, as of now, has a wide range of purposes. It can be used by individuals and businesses to transfer tokens using digital devices as proof of value, or as payment for services. Currently, the token sits at the #342nd position by market cap, commanding a total share of $142 million.

How to use JASMY coins?

JASMY can be used by service providers to pay rewards to the users who supply them with their personal data.

Pros & Cons of JASMY coin


  • JASMY is the first legally compliant Japanese cryptocurrency and is listed on the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange as well.
  • JASMY adheres to all Japanese crypto regulations, which are some of the strictest in the world.


While the token has grown exponentially in the past, this sort of explosive growth may not be sustainable for a long period of time.

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JasmyCoin is a token that aims to facilitate consumer-focused information that empowers users to exchange their private data with companies securely on their own terms.