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What is Nano ?

Nano coin is a cryptocurrency that aspires to replace fiat money and integrate cryptocurrency into everyday life.
Nano is a software that enables cryptocurrency transactions without any fee. The essence of Nano’s architecture is that each account has its own blockchain, which the account’s owner can only update. To conduct a transaction, the account owner signs a transaction that modifies their private ledger and broadcasts it to the Nano network. When enough confirmations are received to validate a transaction, all Nano nodes independently declare the transaction irreversible, updating their ledger copy.
The name “NANO” has been officially rebranded from “RaiBlocks.”

Colin LeMahieu, a software programmer and the CEO and creator of The Nano Foundation, based in the United Kingdom, invented and built Nano.

Primary features of Nano

  • Nano currency is based on a hybrid Proof-of-Stake/Proof-of-Work algorithm. This combination is referred to as a “delegated Proof-of-Stake.”
  • The Block Lattice form of the ledger enables each account to have its own blockchain, rather than sharing a single chain on which everyone competes to add blocks.
  • Additionally, the consensus method, dubbed Open Representative Voting (ORV), differentiates the network from others. Representatives reach a consensus by voting on the validity of individual blocks exchanged on the network.

Is Nano a promising cryptocurrency?

It has particular goals and objectives in mind, easy methods for accomplishing them, and a strong leader and team to support it. With this combination, the coin may reach new heights in the future. Currently, the nano coin price is $6.38.

How to use Nano coins?

  • Form of payment: You can use Nano coins to pay for your purchases on merchants that accept nano coins. 
  • Trading: Individuals can trade in nano coins to get the benefit of capital appreciation.
  • Exchange: Exchange Nano coins for fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies over cryptocurrency exchange.  

Pros & Cons of Nano coin


  • Transactions are entirely free.
  • Nano is extremely scalable
  • Nano is similar to Bitcoin
  • They have a strong programming team.


  • It is not as well-known as some of the other coins available on the market.
  • One may face difficulty in purchasing NANO coins with fiat currency. 


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Nano ICO summary

Nano used an innovative CAPTCHA faucet system to ensure that Nano was distributed evenly and organically. The faucet, which launched on October 1, 2015, forced users to pass complex CAPTCHA tests to earn money. This distribution through faucets made Nano more accessible to individuals who did not have the funds to purchase mining hardware or invest in an initial coin offering.

FAQ's on Nano

  • Can you mine Nano?

The Nano protocol makes a point of avoiding dependence on mining.

  • Where can I find Nano wallets?

The Nano ecosystem supports a diverse array of third-party wallets, each of which strikes a distinct mix of usefulness and security.  Their Get Nano page includes a list of highlighted wallets.

  • Is Nano Coin Safe?

Yes. They have a wonderful opportunity with the Nano foundation to empower individuals with the most efficient and accessible digital currency imaginable while also linking them to the global economy in a sustainable manner.

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Nano coin is a cryptocurrency that aspires to replace fiat money and integrate cryptocurrency into everyday life.