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QuarkChain (qkc)

What is QuarkChain ?

QuarkChain is a unique blockchain architecture that does not require permission. Further, it uses blockchain sharding technology to provide a flexible, scalable, and user-oriented structure. The primary purpose of this blockchain was to facilitate global commercial standards capable of delivering a minimum of 1 lac transactions/second on-chains. 

The main attraction is its scale, affordability, and speed, making this blockchain suitable for all applications, including gaming, payment, high-frequency trading, distributed social media, and IoT. 

Primary features of QuarkChain

  • Flexibility: QuarkChain currency is a public chain that facilitates multiple transactions, ledger, consensus, and token economics in one network. In addition, the network allows two consensus algorithms, i.e., PoW and PoS or a combination of both. 
  • Decentralization: QuarkChain has 2-layers of structure that encourage miners to mine directly without participating in mining pools. So, they can also mine in the shard or the root chain. 
  • Scalability: QuarkChain aims to deliver 1 lac + on-chain TPS. Till now, 55000+ TPS has been achieved.
  • Superb usability: You do not require multiple accounts here; only one account is enough to access entire resources in all shards and smart wallets, making management effortless. 

Is QuarkChain a promising cryptocurrency?

To be honest, much of the cryptocurrency is on high sale right now. However, QuarkChain cryptocurrency has made yet another high transaction processing project. Plus, qkc has found an excellent way to maintain security for bitcoin enthusiasts while fixing the system’s issues. So, if you want to invest in QuarkChain, you can buy it on CoinSwitch. 

How to use QuarkChain coins?

  • QuarkChain can come to good use in the case of AI, IoT, and big data applications.
  • It contains an ideal design and robust structure to facilitate mobile dApps. 
  • QKC exchange incentives serve as a tool to set an Android-friendly environment. 
  • You can use the scalable technology of QuarkChain for social networks, gaming, online storage, and sharing platforms. 
  • People can make a safe and secure payment using QKC coin.

Pros & Cons of QuarkChain coin


  • Scalable:

    Increased scalability than others

  • Runs on Anything:

    Provides new and exciting options regarding applications to run on

  • Experts Easily Available:

    Robust and experienced team of developers and advisors


  • Inflation Strikes Faster:

    An ample supply of tokens can lead to inflation higher than coins.

  • Too Many Competitors:

    Multiple strong competitors

Trade QuarkChain coin on CoinSwitch kuber

  • You can exchange 300+ QuarkChain coins on CoinSwitch instantly
  • You get the best rate to trade in QuarkChain in just Rs 100
  • There is also an option to buy it via credit card
  • Also, you can compare and convert anytime you want
  • There is no minimum limit

QuarkChain ICO summary

The QuarkChain ICO ran from 3rd June 2018, and a total amount of 20,000,000 USD was raised. Trading of 0.08% took place in just 24 hours. 

FAQ's on QuarkChain

  • How to get a QuarkChain (qkc) coin?

You can buy QuarkChain cryptocurrency on any online exchange. The trading volume you will find is excellent, and there is also a decent pairing option available.

  • Where can I buy QuarkChain (qkc)?

CoinSwitch Kuber aggregates over 75 different kinds of alt-coin and cryptocurrencies, including QuarkChain. It serves as a great platform to buy QKC and is very simple to trade. 

  • How does QuarkChain (qkc) work?

QuarkChain is an innovative blockchain that uses sharding technology to run. It runs on two principles. First, all the transactions must be recorded and performed on a ledger. Secondly, the ledger must be double-checked to make an economic attack inefficient.  

  • What is the market cap of QuarkChain (qkc)?

The current QuarkChain coin price stands at 0.0195 USD, and the market cap is around 126.67 million USD.

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QuarkChain is a unique blockchain architecture suitable for all applications, including gaming, payment, high-frequency trading, distributed social media, and IoT.