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What is Swipe ?

Swipe (SXP) is a cryptocurrency wallet ecosystem that works both for digital and software platforms. It allows easy exchange of fiat money on different transaction and trading platforms. The blend of digital and software wallet ecosystems allows the users to use the digital currency anywhere. Furthermore, they can be interconnected with different payment platforms, as well as bank cards.

The primary purpose of Swipe cryptocurrency is to design a simplified connection between different cryptocurrencies. This is done with the help of API to enhance global payments by deploying its own SXP token. Thus, it is responsible for the proper functioning of the most prominent digital exchange spread across the globe.

Primary features of Swipe

  • It works as the fuelling system for the Swipe network.
  • Develops a bridge between other payment methods and digital currency. 
  • Provides immediate conversion of fiat currency into physical or digital currencies.
  • Provides better control to the user and allows them to vote in the staking process actively.
  • Provides easy transfer of funds all across the globe.
  • It has chain support for blockchains that enhances the network.
  • It has an application built for both Android devices and IOS.
  • Allows easy flow of currency in the network structure, as well as beyond it.
  • The SPX utility token allows you to make transactions with high value.

Is Swipe a promising cryptocurrency?

Swipe cryptocurrency’s future is optimistic. Many new developments are being updated to the SXP ecosystem, which is attracting new opportunities. It is predicted that by the end of 2021, the price of one SXP coin will reach $ 5.5. According to its increasing popularity, it is also predicted to reach a value of $10. Its value has seen a rise of 50% in one year, along with a stable market presence.

How to use Swipe?

The SXP coins create a smooth transaction process in the market. They can be used as a digital wallet to make payments. Here are some ways you can use them:

  • Exchange: Allows easy exchange of funds from digital wallets, which can also be used in physical transactions.
  • Investment: Investing in SXP tokens can prove to be highly profitable. 
  • International Transfer: It allows easy transfer of digital currencies all across the globe with Swap wallet.
  • Online payment: It is effortless to pay bills online with SXP wallets.

Pros & Cons of Swipe


  • Easy Conversion:

    Provides immediate conversion of fiat currency and any other crypto for easy trade.

  • Better Control:

    It provides better control over the staking policies.

  • Easy Exchange:

    The Swipe wallet promotes the easy exchange of different currencies and crypto.


Too Popular:

Reversal of its market value is highly possible due to overselling.

Trade Swipe on CoinSwitch kuber

  • You only need Rs.100 to start investing. 
  • Easy exchange of fiat to cryptocurrencies and vice versa. 
  • There are no processing fees that are to be paid for currency exchange.
  • No need to wait for a maturity period.
  • Allows easy trading with the best price.

Swipe ICO summary

The ICO for Swipe (SXP) coin ended in August 2019. In which 20% of the stake was available for crowd sale, 20% was inherited by the founders and related advisors, whereas the team and ecosystem reserve held 60%.

FAQ's on Swipe

  • Who is the founder of SXP?

Joselito Lizarondo is the founder of Swipe (SXP). 

  • What is the market cap of SXP?

The market cap of SXP is $17,282,521.

  • What is the SXP coin price?

The SXP coin price is $0.200, which was also its initial price during the ICO.

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Swipe (SXP) is a cryptocurrency wallet ecosystem that works both for digital and software platforms. It allows easy exchange of fiat money on different transaction and trading platforms.