As a user of CoinSwitch, we are excited to bring you our new product offering. The said offering is subject to the below terms and conditions:

  1. By signing up for this offering, you hereby desire to engage CoinSwitch to trade virtual currency/ies (“Virtual Currency” / “VCs”) on your behalf, and thereby enable you to make fixed and regular cashbacks.

  2. You hereby authorise CoinSwitch to trade, i.e., buy and sell, VCs on your behalf, the idlemonies held in your CoinSwitch wallet. CoinSwitch may undertake this trading onits own or through third party partners. You hereby consent to delegation by CoinSwitch Kuberto such third parties.

  3. You, as a user, chose the amounts you desire CoinSwitch to trade for VCs on your behalf,to ensure fixed daily cashbacks at the specified time. The cashbacks are provided on a best-efforts basis and shall be payable daily at the specific rate and time as may be specified on Your Coinwitch account.

  4. The total cashbacks that may be received by you are also clearly disclosed to you at the time you avail the offering. You state that you have understood the same. You also understand and agreethat while we always endeavour to ensure that You receive the fixed daily cashbacks specified to you at the time of singing-up for this offering, we do not guarantee the same.

  5. You may cancel the offering at any time and request for closure in your sole discretion.However, in the event of such cancellation / closure, you shall not be entitled to any further cashbacks or incentives.

  6. You understand that you cannot request or demand CoinSwitch to transfer any VCs to you whatsoever under this offering, and nothing herein grants you any ownership over any VCs traded by or on your behalf.

  7. You understand that you avail this offering and the services on an “as is” and “as available”basis. To the maximum extent permitted by law, CoinSwitch disclaims any express orimplied warranties or representations.

  8. You understand that trading in VCs is prone to fluctuations and inherent risks. CoinSwitch may withdraw this offering or reduce the amounts of cashback depending on the industry,applicable laws and/or other factors, in its sole discretion, at any time without prior notice.

  9. You further understand that CoinSwitch is neither an investment advisor nor it is asecurity advisor, nor does it provide any financial services and/or advise with respect to yourfinances. You avail the said offering at your sole risk after having read and understood the termsherein.

  10. You also understand that, currently, CoinSwitch is not a regulated entity and trading in VCs is unregulated in India.

  11. The terms and conditions of CoinSwitch available at https://coinswitch.co/kuber-terms along with the AML / KYC Policy available at https://coinswitch.co/aml-policy and the Privacy Policy available at https://coinswitch.co/privacy-policy form an integral part of this offering.

  12. You confirm that you have read, understood, and accepted the above before accepting.