Terms And Conditions

  1. All verified users of CoinSwitch app are eligible for redeeming vouchers.

  2. Partner brands who provide voucher codes to users would communicate the value and the expiry date of the voucher on their respective websites/apps.

  3. Vouchers from a partner brand can be redeemed limited number of times as per the discretion of the partner brand.

  4. A verified user can redeem a unique voucher code only once.

  5. Some Vouchers are valid only for new users. Existing verified users of CoinSwitch will not be able to redeem such vouchers.

  6. Holders of the vouchers cannot exchange vouchers for their value in Rupees.

  7. A user is solely responsible for their voucher codes. CoinSwitch is not responsible for lost/stolen voucher codes.

  8. Some vouchers have a maximum number of redeems and hence would follow a first come first serve policy.

  9. Vouchers cannot be redeemed after they have expired.

  10. Coinswitch allows only one voucher code to be redeemed per user.

  11. CoinSwitch reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the vouchers, including terminating it, with immediate effect, as it may deem fit without any prior notice.

  12. CoinSwitch reserves the right to disqualify any person/persons/institutions from the CoinSwitch vouchers as it may deem fit.

  13. No legal clauses are binding CoinSwitch to honour any/all of the redemption of vouchers.

  14. In case of any dispute, the decision taken by CoinSwitch will be final.