What is AdEx (ADX)?
Future of ADX Cryptocurrency and know how to buy ADX

#1 - What is AdEx (ADX)?

It wasn’t going to be long before the advertisement industry, one of the largest, most lucrative in the world, would make its way to the blockchain. With AdEx, the transition seems to have begun.

AdEx (ADX): The Basics

  1. AdEx is an open-source, blockchain based, decentralised digital ad exchange platform which uses Ethereum smart contracts. AdEx is built to provide a transparent, focused and secure experience for both advertisers and ad publishers. It is a platform where advertisers and ad providers can collaborate to extend their reach by providing users a pleasant advertisement experience.
  2. AdEx 2qw created with the goal to replace and disrupt existing digital advertising platforms. It works on the core mechanism of creating a unique and personalised profile called the AdEx User Profile. Through this profile, users can control which ads should be delivered to them. This feature of AdEx allows AdEx Profile advertisers to get maximum return on their ads by providing user-focused ads.
  3. ADX token —an ERC20 token— is the official cryptocurrency of the AdEx platform. On the AdEx platform, ADX tokens are used to make transactions such as buying, selling, and bidding of advertisement space and time.

Development of AdEx

  1. AdEx was founded by Ivo Georgiev and Dimo Stoyanov, Both have previously worked on Stremio, a video entertainment platform. Ivo Georgiev has been serving as CEO of Stremio since 2012, and Dimo Stoyanov has been serving as its UX and UI designer and front-end developer.
  2. During June-July 2017, AdEx started its token sale campaign, or Initial Coin Offering. AdEx raised $10 million within the first three hours of sale. A total of 100 million ADX tokens were minted, which were distributed later. For token distribution refer to the chart below:

Chart showing ADX tokens distribution in percentage, Total number of tokens = 100,000,000, Source: Adex


#2 - What are the benefits of AdEx (ADX)

AdEx Technology

  1. AdEx is based on the Ethereum blockchain which allows it to leverage the power of smart contacts. Smart contracts are an integral part of AdEx Core, enabling it to perform complex functions like facilitating transactions, selection and tracking of ads. The primary components of AdEx Core are: ADXToken, ADXPublisherRegistry, ADXAdvertiserRegistry, ADXUserRegistry, and ADXExchange.
  2. Another major advantage of AdEx is its ability to integrate with any browser, website or any other web application. This is made possible by AdEX SDK which is built on top of HTML5. Adex SDK has two working modes - A full mode and a Light Mode.

The Working mechanism of  AdEx ecosystem, Image Source: AdEx Whitepaper

Use case

  1. Advertising networks like Google AdSense and Facebook allow their consumers a limited amount of control over their ad preferences. AdEx, on the other hand, creates a unique profile for every user, allowing them to personalise their AdEx experience. This helps advertisers to deliver ads with more precision and get higher returns on their ads.
  2. The current advertising ecosystem has allowed advertisers to bombard users with ads. This has resulted in an increasing use of ad blockers. But with rampant use of ad blockers, users also miss information that may be useful to them. AdEx allows advertisers to visually design their ads to match and blend with content. Through use of the AdEx User Profile, users also have the ability to choose which type of ads they would like to see.


#3 How to buy and store ADX?

How to Buy AdEx?

AdEx is an ERC20 tokens, so the AdEx platform does not support ADX mining. In future, AdEx has plans to launch another token model called ADXToken2 or simply ADXT, where participants may be rewarded with newly created tokens.

  1. Potential buyers can buy ADX tokens on several markets globally such as Binance, Upbit, Bittrex etc. Most markets have paired the ADX cryptocurrency with two cryptocurrencies – BTC and ETH.
  2. Instead of going from market to market and comparing rates, users can take advantage of the services provided by CoinSwitch, the largest cryptocurrency trading platform. CoinSwitch allows users to buy, sell, and trade up to 300+ cryptocurrencies from one platform.

How to store ADX tokens?

ADX is an ERC20 type token, so it can be stored on any ERC20 token compatible wallets, which will work perfectly fine as an ADX wallet. Popular options include MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, etc. ADX tokens can also be stored on hardware wallets like Ledger Nano S and Trezor.


#4 - What is the future of AdEx (ADX)?

Trend so far

  1. As of June 2018, the ADX coin is positioned at 230th in the global cryptocurrency market with a market capitalisation of over $25 million.
  2. The AdEx coin began trading on July 1st, 2017 with the initial price of $0.208817. On January 9th, 2018 ADX closed at an all time high price of $3.27. Since then its price has declined by nearly 90%. As of June 2018, its price stays at $0.349322.

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Price History







Market Cap

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Apr 01, 2018







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Dec 01, 2017







Jul 01, 2017







Support & Regulation

  1. AdEx is the brainchild of the same team that developed video entertainment hub, Stremio. So Stremio is essentially the first partner of AdEx.
  2. Before its Initial Coin Offering, AdEx partnered with WINGS. The partnership allowed WINGS DAO members to predict results of AdEx’s soon-to-be-launched Initial Coin Offering.
  3. During November 2017, AdEx and Ink (a travel media firm serving 802 million users annually) entered into a strategic partnership, with the goal to auction ad spaces on airline boarding passes.
  4. Apart from the these partnerships, AdEx has partnered with several other renowned business entities such as NEO Smart Contracts System, Fintech Blockchain Group, Bitmain, Propy, Harbour,  iab. etc.


#5 - How is ADX different from other cryptocurrencies?

  1. Unlike Bitcoin which only allows peer-to-peer transactions, ADX is an entire ecosystem in itself, designed specifically to replace existing flawed digital advertising platform. AdEx aims to provide a secure and transparent platform where all parties such as advertisers, publishers and even consumers can benefit.

  2. The AdEx cryptocurrency is an integral part of AdEx Core. It is used to make transactions such as buying, selling and bidding on ad spaces in AdEx ecosystem. AdEX aims to bring another token named ADXT, this token will allow participants to be rewarded with newly minted tokens for certain functions.


#6 - Should you invest in AdEx?

  1. A major advantage that AdEx has, is its team. The team has already developed and launched a successful business model called Stremio. That’s not all! The team comprises of members with expertise in different areas such as cryptography and blockchain technology, software development, video streaming, etc
  2. Apart from Stremio, AdEx has scored several other strategic partnerships with established companies such as Fintech Blockchain Group, Dexy, Ink, iab, etc. AdEx’s partnership with NEO resulted in its price increasing by nearly 400%.
  3. AdEx as a platform has room for a good amount of growth, since digital advertising is a booming business anyway. But by eliminating flaws and continuing updates on its current platform, AdEx aims to stand firm in the near future.
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