What is Aergo (AERGO)?
Future of AERGO Cryptocurrency and know how to buy AERGO

What is the Aergo token?

Aergo is a company that aims to create an open source blockchain protocol that is enterprise ready. The company offers a platform with the help of which developers and businesses will be able to build, design and deploy their applications on the blockchain within the cloud. They will also be provided with the option to use their apps on either private or public blockchains.

Aergo: The Basics

  1. Aergo is a next-generation blockchain which is aimed to solve the problems faced by the IT integration software development, scalability, privacy and interoperability that is found in today’s blockchains.
  2. Aergo happens to be the first platform that provides features such as reactivity, SQL and isomorphic programming. Not just that, but it will also going to launch a new software stack made of Meteor, Aergo and SQL. The company objective is to build a platform for developers. It is to help them to develop and deploy new apps within the cloud. It also aids speedy transactions and reduced costs of operation.
  3. Aergo project is developed and supported by Blocko Inc which is a blockchain infrastructure provider. It was founded in the year 2014 and is known to have its operations in South Korea, UK and Hong Kong.
  4. Aergo is going to utilise Coinstack which happens to be a permission blockchain solution. It has been developed by Blocko and allows users to share their data with third parties in the most secure way possible.
  5. Three major components comprise Aergo. It includes Aergo Chain, Aergo Marketplace and Aergo Hub.
  6. The Aergo project is still under development and is currently working on planning its launch in 2019. Blocko is going to provide the project with all the critical technologies it requires. It includes Coinstack as well. Coinstack has already been successfully deployed at several companies.

What are the benefits of Aergo token?

  1. Aergo happens to be a fourth generation blockchain. This particular platform aims to enable businesses and developers to create innovative applications by sharing data on a distributed and trustless IT ecosystem.
  2. The company focusses around to create a blockchain based platform to eliminate blockchain blocking obstacles issues faced by the companies.
  3. The main technology this platform is based on Coinstack which has already been deployed for more than 25 million users all over the world.
  4. The Aergo platform is comprised of three main components which include Aergo Marketplace, Aergo Hub and Aergo Chain.
  5. The Aergo team comprises of some of the most talented people. They are working hard toward the success of the Aergo platform.

How to buy and store Aergo token?

Aergo happens to be the native token of the Aergo platform. It is used as the primary medium of payment for various transactions within the Aergo platform.

  • How to buy?

  1. Aergo is known to be available on 7 crypto exchanges. You can choose to buy Aergo tokens from any of these 7 exchanges. You need to select an exchange that will ensure the safety and security of your Aergo tokens.
  2. If you are looking forward to buying Aergo tokens, you can rely on the following crypto exchanges: Bitmax, GoPax, UPBit, Bittrex, Kucoin and Idex.
  • How to store?

  1. Aergo is going to launch its mainnet. It is going to help the users to save their Aergo tokens on the platform itself.
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What is the future of Aergo token?

  1. Aergo in the future aims to become one of the most transparent, trusted and open platforms. It will not only help them to get a considerable number of investors, but they will be able to grow their platform as well. Not just that, but the number of followers will grow too.
  2. After going through all the features of the Aergo token, it is safe to say that the token is worth investing for. Backed by one of the biggest companies in the world, it seems to have high growth potential.

How is Aergo token different from other cryptocurrencies?

  1. Aergo token will be used to incentivise the technology providers, service providers and infrastructure providers. The token will migrate to the Aergo mainnet after it has been launched. Aergo token will be used for a variety of purposes. This include:
  • To run smart contracts to enable different products and services.
  • To reward for DPoS consensus algorithm.
  • It is also going to be used as a payment method for various services offered by Aergo Marketplace, Aergo Hub, technical support and other assets and tools.
  1. Aergo tokens are valued more as more developers and enterprises join the network. Adoption of the Aergo token is driven by the platform’s speed, security, ease of use and several other factors.

Should you invest in Aergo token?

  1. In simpler words, Aergo is a new generation blockchain platform that is suitable for all businesses. The main objective is to enable developers and companies to create and deploy their applications in the cloud quickly. These blockchains can either be private or public.
  2. The core technology of the company is based on Coinstack which is powered by Blocko. Blocko as a company has already helped numerous companies in the world to design and deploy enterprise systems based on blockchain technology.
  3. Most importantly, Aergo is supported by Blocko which is one of the leading companies in the world. It should arouse the interests of the investors in the Aergo token. Also, it is safe to say that Blocko will introduce its existing customer base with Aergo to make it more accessible.
  4. One of the main reasons to invest in Aergo tokens is that it is already backed by some of the well-known and top venture capital firms in the world. It includes GBIC, Lemniscap, JRR Crypto and GBIC. In other words, Aergo already has a strong base of investors. It should attract more people to invest in Aergo.
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