What is Blox (CDT)?
Future of CDT Cryptocurrency and know how to buy CDT

#1 Blox: The Basics

What is Blox

  1. Blox (previously CoinDash) is a three-layer crypto-based social trading platform, designed to aid and assist new and experienced users to create, manage and maintain cryptocurrency trading portfolios and also to maximize profits.
  2. Blox helps you to manage and organise your trading portfolio in a simple format, while having an additional ability to copy the other fellow trader’s activities (a feature it calls Copy Trading).

Blox Development

  1. Israel based Blox is a blockchain startup co-founded by Alon Muroch and Adam Efrima in the year 2016 as CoinDash, with its headquarters situated in Tel Aviv.
  2. Blox currently employs around 11 to 50 individuals.


#2 What are the benefits of Blox

Blox Technology

  1. Blox is currently in its testing stage with about 1000 participants testing the version and giving back feedback related to possible adjustments or improvements that can be made.
  2. According to the official website of Blox, “the major obstacle faced by the cryptocurrency industry is the barrier to entry that inhibits mass adoption”.

The barriers to investing, managing and interacting with trading platforms usually discourage the inexperienced traders from entering the investment market. This is where Blox comes into the play.

  1. A user using the Blox will be able to observe all the trading activities of their fellow traders. The user can also copy and create their trading portfolio in accordance to the portfolio of the experienced traders on the platform.
  2. Using the platform results in rewards consisting of the CDT token, using which users can access premium features on Blox.
  3. Accordingly, users can earn the CDT Token by displaying their own individual private portfolio and trading activities. This will allow the customer to be both consumer and creators at the same time.
  4. Blox also offers insights in accordance to the individual portfolio and trading decisions by tracking the users’ transaction on the blockchain.
  5. Copy-Trading: Certain users who want to directly copy the trading strategies of the top investors can do some using the smart contract technology employed by Blox. They can can allot a certain portion of their coin holdings in order to create this mirrored portfolio.
  6. Blox also focuses on its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) aspects. Its whitepaper states that its “SaaS layer includes an array of independent and self-contained tools, custom designed for managing and interacting with crypto assets”.
  7. Blox also introduces Signal Trading to its platform, using which traders can share their transactions to the network. As per its whitepaper, “the signals are specific and detail the amount traded, assets, and the exchange or blockchain. Users can then choose to act on the signal or not.” These signals are automatically generated by the Blox core, which ensures their authenticity and validity. Users will be charged on a subscription basis to gain access to these signals.

Blox Features

Blox provides the traders with easy and simple means to make smarter choices related to cryptocurrency investments. It has on offer the following tools

  1. Portfolio Management provides analytics regarding your performance in accordance with the market and provides an automated insight into investment selection and customer portfolio.
  2. The Trader Network provides access to the portfolio data of the existing users and also allows the users to follow, copy and imitate the strategies of other existing successful traders by just clicking “copy trade”.
  3. The Marketplace is an entirely new platform where the users can explore new trending cryptocurrency or ICO’s, trade in the secondary market and also collect some real time market statistics.


#3 How to buy and store Blox

How to Buy CDT Token

You can purchase the CDT Token with BTC or ETH through HitBTC, Binance, BigONE, Gate.io, EtherDelta etc.

  1. With so many platforms facilitating trade in CDT tokens, the process can get confusing. This is where CoinSwitch, one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges helps. It displays the prices at the exchanges CDT is sold in, all at one place. It supports more than 140 coins and 45,000 pairs of cryptocurrencies. You can choose any pair you want with your CDT token, and CoinSwitch will help you decide the best one for you!
  1. What’s more - with CoinSwitch, you need not rely on wallets on the exchange you’re buying from. Instead, all transactions can happen to and from your very own private wallets.

CDT Token Storage

CDT being an ERC-20 token, it could only be stored on wallets which supports the Ethereum Blockchain. These include:

  • Trezor
  • Ledger Nano S
  • MyEtherWallet (MEW)
  • Jaxx


#4 What is the future of Blox

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  1. Blox is a relatively new cryptocurrency, having launched for trading only in the second half of 2017. It has seen its share of volatility, and even delivered returns of over 10 times between September 2017 to January 2018.
  2. Since then however, it has settled back close to its opening price.

Price History







Market Cap

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Jun 01, 2018







Feb 01, 2018







Oct 01, 2017







Aug 07, 2017








#5 How is Blox different from other cryptocurrencies

  1. Blox is not just a typical trading platform - it is a networked trading platform. CDT an ERC20 token is currently compatible with the Ethereum Blockchain, but aims to be able to support all smart contract blockchains that can be used in social trading networks.
  2. Its marketplace provides a real- time trading application that keeps the users up to date about the new cryptocurrencies and provides overall market status.
  3. With the help of software development kit, Blox users can merge secondary investment instruments.
  4. The Blox Trader Network allows users to get real-time trading indication regarding the investment from successful investors but they might have to pay certain fees with Blox Token to receive this indication.

#6 Should you Invest in Blox?

  1. As of July 2018, Blox is at the last stage of testing, so one can expect the finished product to be announced soon.
  2. With the launch of the fully tested trading platform, the new users, as well as the existing users, can have a fun, interesting and simple platform to deal in.
  3. With many novice or beginner traders generally finding it difficult to get a foothold in the cryptocurrency market, the new Blox Token platform (a platform that provides beginners as well as existing traders with a helping hand) may be primed for some good adoption.
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