What is Circuits of Value (COVAL)?
Future of COVAL Cryptocurrency and know how to buy COVAL

#1 - Circuits of Value: The Basics

COVAL is a network of distributed ledgers for cryptocurrencies. These ledgers are trustless, fast and support peer-to-peer communication. COVAL allows transactions for not only COVAL coins, but many different kinds of cryptos.

What is Circuits of Value (COVAL)?

  1. COVAL is blockchain technology that supports its native cryptocurrency as well as coins from other environments. The blockchain offers to record the transactions securely via trustless models.
  2. Emblem is COVAL’s sidechain asset. The wallets store the native cryptos and the individual tokens are taken directly into the blockchain. The Emblem Vault represents the transactions containing both these entities.

COVAL Development

  1. Michael Sullivan is the founder of the COVAL blockchain network. Michael is known for notable achievements like coining the term “crowdfunding” in the year 2006. He is focused at the practical implementation of peer-to-peer communication.
  2. Shannon Code is his main co-founding supporter.He has considerable experience in the gaming industry and is interested in the research of cryptocurrency and distributed systems.
  3. July 2017 saw all the major developments in the COVAL platform.. The platform, via its mobile app, serves as a medium of information for users, giving them updates about the performance of their investments.
  4. After the COVAL Platform was launched, the developers’ team also started working on the Emblem Vault. This would help in recording the transactions made using the native coin as well as the individual tokens.
  5. Michael Sullivan was the person who coined the term crowdfunding. However, he was not in need of it until he adopted this coin of his own. As the progress happened, the ICOs were out. The company needed funds for the further progress. Hence, it started as a crowdfunding program.


#2 - What are the benefits of COVAL?

COVAL Technology

  1. Coval’s DAT protocol is a hypermedia mechanism that supports streaming updates and a semi-on-demand replication. It provides the users with a public key and an SHA-256D-addressed file archives which can be used to browse on-demand.
  2. The COVAL cryptocurrency uses multichain technology. It is a blockchain platform for the sidechain ledgers. This platform helps the user to control the transactions, issue assets on the blockchain, and create a new blockchain in two steps. Most importantly, it gives them features such as timestamping, encrypted archiving, and data sharing.
  3. Kadena Technology is also something the COVAL team is looking to integrate to the platform. Kadena will improve the blockchain’s decentralization process. The technology will also create a Proof of Work protocol which will ensure better rewards. It will make the system ASIC-resistant, helping in the faster mining of coins and equal opportunities to all the miners.
  4. COVAL uses the Ledger Assigned Wallet, also known as LAW protocol. This has the potential to create mergers with different environments, but the company believes that the users of the COVAL network should have the higher priority. COVAL platform is a permission blockchain.
  5. NuCypher is another third-party software that the team is looking to collaborate with. The software will be used to create a trustless system and aid re-encryption of the deciphered data.
  6. Counterparty Protocol is a software that the platform uses in order to help users create smart contracts. The Counterparty Protocol also enables the users to create a digital token of their own.
  7. The Matrix Standard is a tool to create a peer-to-peer communication network. It creates an open network for a secure and a decentralized communication.

Key Features:

  1. COVAL Prism is a joint venture from ShapeShift and COVAL, created by ShapeShift. COVAL uses this Ethereum-based smart contract software to enhance its crypto asset portfolios. COVAL Prism helps you to share your entire portfolio, or just a part of it. You can share the profit with the other Prism token holder or issue shares as tokens. The fees will be in the form of COVAL and ShapeShift fees.
  2. COVAL Pack is a collection of cards or tokens. These cards or tokens can contain multiple kinds of multimedia such as music, videos or anything of that kind. Users can also view them on apps and games. The platform also allows the sale and purchase of these cards or a pack.
  3. COVAL Zero: COVAL has created a P2P network in its decentralized blockchain. For this, COVAL uses ZeroNet to act as a protocol for the P2P network. On this peer-to-peer network, the traders on two ends of the communication line can securely deal without being monitored by an authority. The conversation remains off the record maintaining complete anonymity.
  4. COVAL Verb: COVAL is also contributing to the gaming sector. There are different actions like attacking an opponent or climbing on the roof involved in the online games. COVAL has created tokens for these actions which can be either earned, purchased or traded with other users on the same game. COVAL Verb is thus a token which will help in actions such as attacking, following, running, climbing, and others. The tokens can only be bought using the COVAL coins.
  5. Vocal is an initiative by COVAL which will put emphasis on audio content along with text and images. This feature will be useful when the user wants to record a podcast, social audio or send and receive private voice messages.


#3 - How to buy and store COVAL?

How to buy COVAL?

  1. COVAL coins are easy to purchase. But, as a prerequisite for buying a COVAL coin, you need to have some BTC, since it is only available to trade on Bittrex, using a Bitcoin pairing.
  2. While you’re at it, check out CoinSwitch, the largest cryptocurrency conversion platform. There are more than 45,000 pairs available which can be used. The pairs contain the popular as well as the unpopular crypto coins which can be exchanged for coins such as bitcoin. Users can also purchase from 300+ tokens available on the website.

How to store COVAL?

COVAL has developed its own wallet which stores the native as well as the individual coins. This wallet is known as the Emblem Vault. The COVAL coins are stored in this software wallet which is available on the COVAL Platform. It is available for download on Android & iOS.


#4 - What is the future of COVAL?

  1. COVAL is looking to collaborate with multiple agencies involved in the cryptocurrency market. These agencies or the software development companies will help in enhancing the features such as Vocal.
  2. The Emblem Vault is also in the development process in order to make it more user-friendly and to accept more currencies in the form of independent coins. Although, the priority to record and carry out the transactions will be given to the users of the COVAL platform.
  3. As of August 2018, the coin is valued at $0.002. However, the analysts at Digital Coin have predicted that the value of the coin will rise up to $0.05 in the year 2019.

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#5 - How is COVAL different from other cryptocurrencies?

COVAL is not just a decentralized blockchain. It has many added features that make it different from others.

  1. COVAL helps in creating smart contracts. Its Prism technology, used in collaboration with ShapeShift, will also help in creating user portfolios for its customers.
  2. Its Counterparty protocol makes mining both transparent and beneficial to all users regardless of the hardware that they are using. It is resistant to ASICs and thus, offers fair opportunities at mining.
  3. It is also one of the major platforms which supports communication amongst the peers. The communication channel is not only secure but also decentralized. It, therefore, maintains privacy.


#6 - Should you Invest in COVAL coin?

  1. COVAL has started to migrate to the Counterparty protocol. This will not only help the miners to earn the maximum rewards but it will also eliminate threats such as ASIC. The mining will become faster and more secure.
  2. The team has achieved many of the planned objectives and according to the founders, they are on the right track of progress. However, there is no definitive roadmap to check the previous milestones and the future aims.
  3. COVAL has been on the market for almost 3 years. The developers’ team have not released a whitepaper yet. However, they have an official website which contains information about the cryptocurrency. The value of the coin is predicted to rise in the coming future. The analysts suggest that there is no risk in investing in COVAL.
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