What is Mithril (MITH)?
Future of MITH Cryptocurrency and know how to buy MITH

To define in simple terms, Mithril is a cryptocurrency that is known to represent a new decentralized social media. Based on the blockchain technology, this is going to pay users for developing content.

Mithril: The Basics

  • Mithril was the first cryptocurrency which got listed on Binance DEX.
  • Mithril is a cryptocurrency based n blockchain technology. This decentralized social media platform is known to pay its users for developing new content.
  • The main objective of Mithril is to bring the social media trend to blockchain along with many other decentralized competitors including Steemit, Sapien, Sola, Waves and Indorse.
  • The platform is powered by Ethereum blockchain which is used to develop an app ecosystem that is designed to reward content creators with MITH tokens. In order words, any individual participating in the creation of social content will be rewarded with MITH crypto coins.
  • Mithril is founded by Jeffery Huang who firmly believes in the profit of the content creators. He aims to build a platform which can benefit the content creators.
  • The platform was recently launched in March 2018, and it has already broken the records. It is one of the most famous blockchain platforms at present with the most valuable crypto coins. It indicates a brighter future for Mithril and its MITH token.
  • MITH tokens are mined by social mining and also by participating in partner apps. Users creating and sharing content will be able to earn MITH tokens which can then be used with partner applications.
  • With the use of blockchain technology, Mithril can ensure safe and secure transactions for all parties on its platform. Not just that, but the data storage technology of the platform also allows for immutable, efficient and trustable recording of all the transactions.
  • The main objective of Mithril is to become the best blockchain platform to use social network apps. It becomes one of the primary reasons why the company is aimed to integrate itself with all the existing social media platforms. The features of Mithril was developed with the vision of using it on the major social media sites.

What are the benefits of Mithril token?

  • Mithril has its utility token called MITH. It can be used by users to buy various services related to premium content channels, dating apps and live stream apps.
  • MITH crypto coins can be earned through social mining across different social media network including Lit.
  • The main idea behind Mithril is to reward content creators with MITH tokens. The company is aiming to help the users to gain some profit on the social media network. A user can create any type of content including video blogs, live stream etc.
  • MITH is going to be used as the payment method on partner apps. Not just that, but it will also be used as payment for various services on social media as well.
  • The team behind Mithril is known to have vast experience in the field of cryptocurrency. They are striving hard to make the project the best blockchain platform in the world.

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How to buy Mithril token?

Mithril as a decentralized social media platform strongly believes in the fact that everyone who creates valuable content on a social network should be able to benefit themselves monetarily from their work.

  • How to buy MITH?

  1. MITH is one of the most popular crypto coin available out there. It is because of this reason that it is available on many of the significant cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. However, the leading exchange to buy MITH tokens is Binance. It is the crypto exchange facility that has the largest exchange of the particular token. You can trade MITH on the Binance in exchange for BTC, ETH, and USDT. 
  2. Other than OKEx, MITH tokens are also available in different crypto exchanges as well. It includes LBank, HitBTC, Bitfinex, and BitForex. If Binance is not the option for you, you can choose from any of these exchanges.
  3. You can purchase Mithril instantly from CoinSwitch with more than 300 coins.
  • How to store MITH?

  1. MITH tokens were launched as Ethereum's ERC20 token but they have decided to move to Binance chain after the release of Binance DEX. It means that you can store MITH tokens on any wallet that Binance chain tokens. Some of the best wallets you can go for include Trustwallet.
  2. According to experts, it is advised you to store your MITH tokens on hardware wallets. It is to ensure the safety of your MITH tokens. In that case, you can rely on Ledger Nano S.
  3. As stated by the company, they are soon going to come up with their wallet which then can be used to store the MITH token.

What is the future of Mithril token?

  • Mithril is known to have achieved a lot of success in the past. Currently, the company is targeting the payment and entertainment sectors to take its business to newer heights.
  • The company is all set to launch its wallet in the coming future. Other than that, it has also released the Mithril vault this year.

How is Mithril token different from other cryptocurrencies?

  • MITH tokens are used within the framework of the Mithril platform. The MITH token is kept safe in its vault. Not just that, but it is also changed and conveyed to other crypto coins.
  • Users are allowed to place a prize on their tokens and then put them in the VAULT. Setting a higher prize will guarantee you at higher levels.
  • MITH coins stored in the vault means that their value will not tumble even when there is fluctuation in prices. Instead, its costs will stabilise and indicate a normal progression.

Should you invest in Mithril token?

  • Mithril was launched only last year, and it has already gained a tremendous amount of attention from the investors. At this rate, the platform is expected to have significant growth potential in the future. Furthermore, the company has already formed many partnerships and is also aiming to take its platform to newer heights in the coming future. After going through all these factors, it is safe to say that Mithril is worth your investment.
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