What is Neblio (NEBL)?
Future of NEBL Cryptocurrency and know how to buy NEBL

#1 - What is Neblio (NEB)?

A rapidly growing blockchain technology, Neblio cryptocurrency has created a mature infrastructure that can help businesses to enhance and leverage their capabilities to grow in their respective industries. In spite of the significant growth, its applications are still facing some hurdles due to its high integration and maintenance costs. Neblio aims to fill this gap in the enterprise market by creating a next-generation blockchain network to ease the development and deployment of blockchain technology.

Neblio (NEBL): The Basics

  1. Neblio is an open-source and decentralized blockchain network which allows peer-to-peer exchange of information as transactions. The transactions that happen on the Neblio platform are stored in an immutable distributed ledger.
  2. Neblio is a next-generation blockchain. Through innovation, it enables business and enterprise developers to develop and deploy decentralized apps (dApps), which will evolve with the development of blockchain technology.
  3. NEBL coin is the official cryptocurrency of Neblio blockchain network. NEBL coins are used for peer-to-peer transactions within the Neblio’s ecosystem. Neblio uses proof-of-stake consensus mechanism that enables NEBL mining on Neblio platform.

Development of Neblio

  1. Neblio was founded by Eddy Smith and Ann Jackson, both serve as Lead Developer and Business Ops Manager of Neblio respectively. The team also has two developers, named Riley Stockton and Samer Afach. Neblio is backed by advisor Yuval Amar.
  2. Neblio launched its initial coin offering (ICO) during August 2017. Out of 125 million NEBL coins, about 13.6 million tokens were sold. The unsold tokens were burned.


#2 - What Are The Benefits of Neblio (NEBL)?

Neblio Technology

  1. Neblio blockchain network is built to give the necessary thrust to the development and deployment of blockchain technology for decentralized apps. Neblio has created a sophisticated blockchain that allows decentralized apps to adopt new blockchain technologies with relative ease.
  2. Neblio APIs are designed for simplicity so developers who are familiar with traditional RESTful APIs, can easily develop their dApps. The Neblio API suite offers support for commonly used programming languages such as Python, Java, js, .Net, PHP, Go, etc.

Key Benefits of Neblio Technology

  1. Security: Underneath the foundation of Neblio lies blockchain technology, which grants it a security advantage--thanks to its decentralized nature. Neblio uses proof-of-stake as its consensus mechanism, allowing users’ participation within a secure framework of the Neblio Network.
  2. Immutability: Distributed applications store their data and information in an immutable ledger on the Neblio blockchain. This ledger can be used as a proof for auditing, record management and lifecycle verification.
  3. Scalability: The Neblio network is connected through nodes across the globe, where each node has its own copy of Neblio blockchain. This network of nodes allows a global access of information, at the same time ensuring faster response time.

Business Usage

Blockchain has matured to the point where the possibilities of its application are endless. Neblio network is focused on harnessing these possibilities of blockchain through innovation and develop new use cases for businesses.

  1. Secure Record Management: Neblio blockchain offers a decentralized and secure ledger that can be used to store any kind of records, whether they are health records or financial records.
  2. Regulatory Compliance & Audit Trails: Neblio blockchain’s immutable ledger is a proof of unaltered and accurate information and can be used for various audit and verification purposes.


#3 - How to Buy & Store NEBL?

There are two ways for users to posses NEBL cryptocurrency. First is NEBL staking or NEBL mining, where users can stake their tokens to secure Neblio network and get rewarded by newly created NEBL token. The second way is to buy or trade on a cryptocurrency exchange.

How to Buy NEBL?

  1. Users can buy an NEBL coin on various cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Cryptopia, HitBTC, Kucoin, OEX, etc. Most exchanges have paired NEBL with BTC and ETH.
  2. Another good option is CoinSwitch, the largest cryptocurrency trading platform. CoinSwitch allows users to compare and trade cryptocurrencies across all the exchanges and get the best rates at one place. CoinSwitch offers to compare and exchange more than 300 cryptocurrencies.

How to Store NEBL?

  1. There is a diverse range of wallets, officially provided by Neblio. The Neblio wallet is available on multiple platforms.
  2. Neblio Core wallet is a desktop wallet and available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  3. A Neblio mobile wallet is available for Android, and an iOS supported version is soon to be launched.
  4. Neblio Orion is the latest and most advanced wallet, offered by Neblio. This wallet can also be used for storing NEBLIO TOKEN PROTOCOL-1 (NTP1) tokens.


#4 - What is The Future of Neblio (NEBL)?

Trend So Far

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  1. As of July 2018, the Neblio cryptocurrency stands at the 154th position in the global cryptocurrency market, with a market capitalization of over $50 million. There are over 14 million NEBL tokens in its total supply and over 13 million are currently in circulation.
  2. On September 12, 2017, Neblio went live in the global cryptocurrency market for trading at the initial price of $0.607930. During the second day of trading its price touched $1.75 mark.
  3. Starting from October 2017, a significant hike in NEBL’s price was seen and on January 9, 2018, NEBL’s price reached its highest so far at $64.87. As of July 2018, its price has reached about $3.78.

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Market Cap

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Sep 12, 2017








#5 - How is NEBL different from other Cryptocurrencies?

  1. NEBL allows peer-to-peer transactions like most cryptocurrencies. However, beyond that, NEBL is the lifeblood of the Neblio Blockchain Network. It is essentially used with the Neblio platform for the exchange of information.
  2. Unlike Bitcoin, which uses proof-of-work consensus mechanism, Neblio uses proof-of-stake as its consensus. Proof-of-stake allows users to stake their NEBL tokens to secure the Neblio network. In return, users are given newly created NEBL tokens.
  3. Neblio recently launched its new token dubbed, NEBLIO TOKEN PROTOCOL-1 (NTP1). This token can be issued by any decentralized app developer within Neblio’s ecosystem.


#6 - Should You Invest in Neblio?

  1. Since its inception, Neblio has shown some stable growth. As of July 2018, its price is at $3.76 compared to its initial price of $0.607930, allowing a massive, nearly 600% return on investment.
  2. The team behind the development of Neblio is small but seemingly efficient. The team has so far achieved the objectives set on their roadmap.
  3. Nebilo’s wallets range has been successful so far, and many potential projects are on their way, providing a chance for good return on investment.
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