What is Telcoin (TEL)?
Future of TEL Cryptocurrency and know how to buy TEL

#1 - What is TEL?

Telcoin: The Basics

  1. Telcoin is a ERC20 token based on Ethereum blockchain, that aims at partnering with telecommunication giants like Verizon and AT&T to integrate the mobile industry with the cryptocurrencies.
  2. According to Telcoin, once it attains its objectives, there should be no hassle between billing platforms and mobile money.
  3. Since the launch of Telcoin cryptocurrency, it has gained a lot of attention as it bridges the gap between the telecom industry and blockchain technology.

TEL Development

  1. Claude Eguienta is the CEO and heads the Telcoin project.
  2. The Chairman, Paul Neuner has an experience of about 12 years in the field of telecommunication.
  3. Simo Kinnunen is the lead developer of Telcoin.


#2 - TEL Benefits


The model used for Telcoin cryptocurrency consists of three segments:

Model of Telcoin

  1. Network Provider
  2. Telcoin platform
  3. Subscribers
  4. Telcoin subscribers are given full access to the money via their phones. Their digital wallet is linked to the Telcoin platform, allowing the transactions to be executed seamlessly.
  5. The mobile operators will their own share of tokens stored in multi-signature wallets. They have at least two private keys.
  6. Meanwhile, the network operator wallets will completely handled and governed by Telcoin.

Corporate Usage:

  • Remittance Market The primary focus of Telcoin is the remittance market which is currently governed by Western Union. By partnering with mobile operators a whole new group of potential customers will open up for the cryptocurrency world. This partnership will also lead to lower transaction fees. Users will be able to send money to each other using their mobile phones across the planet.
  • E-commerce Telcoin can be used for making payments on e-commerce websites, which is in itself is a large industry to integrate with.


#3 - How to buy and store Telcoin?

How to buy Telcoin / How to buy TEL

There are no exchanges that provide the facility to buy TEL tokens against fiat currencies. But, it is available for purchase against cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Exchanges like Kucoin, HitBTC, IDEX and EtherDelta have added Telcoin on their platform for purchase against Ethereum and Bitcoin.  Here’s how you can get yourself some TEL coins:

  1. Go to the official website of any one of these exchanges.
  2. Purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum coins on the exchange, to according to your convenience.
  3. Next, you can purchase TEL tokens using the already purchased Bitcoin or Ethereum coins.

If you want to get the best deal for buying or selling TEL tokens, then you should definitely visit CoinSwitch - the largest cryptocurrency conversion platform. It allows users to compare real time prices of TEL tokens on multiple exchanges and then choose the best one. It also supports more than 45,000 cryptocurrency pairs.

TEL Storage

As TLE is an ERC20 token, Telcoin mining is not supported on the network. But all the wallets supporting Ethereum storage support TEL token storage as well. Here’s a list of the many wallets that you can use in order to store your TEL tokens safely:

  1. MyEtherWallet
  2. MetaMask
  3. Coinomi
  4. Ledger Nano S
  5. Trezor


#4 - What is the future of Telcoin?

Trends so far

With a total market capitalization of over $30 million, the Telcoin crypto currently ranks 197 in the list of cryptocurrencies. It has a total supply of 100,000,000,000 TEL tokens, out of which around 30,559,427,742 TEL tokens are in circulation. The peak value of TEL was around $0.01 USD for 1 TEL token in January 2018.

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Future Trends

Since Telcoin combines two of the most trending industries - cryptocurrency and telecommunication, it is predicted to be a huge success. With its features, Telcoin may well be on its way to be one of the top cryptocurrencies of 2018. Rather than replacing the mobile money system, the Telcoin cryptocurrency and the digital wallets are working in harmony to bring out the best for their customers.


#5 - How is Telcoin different from other cryptocurrencies?

  • Mobile friendly Telcoin is designed in a way that you need not change your mobile spending habits at all. Instead it provides you a new platform for international remittances, mobile credit top-ups and lot more.
  • Wallet agnostic Apart from the official wallet of Telcoin, the company also assists other telecom operators in building their own Telcoin wallet and any other third party wallet.
  • Flexible API (Application Programming Interface) The Telco API is fairly developer friendly and allows easy interaction with prepaid and postpaid billing platforms. It also allows you to access your mobile accounts through REST APIs and SMS.
  • Incentivised adoption Once an operator connects to Telcoin, it is immediately eligible for issuing TEL tokens. More the TEL token exchange traffic, more will be their incentive.


#6 - Should you invest in Telcoin?

Telcoin is taking a step towards integrating the telecom industry with blockchain technology to reach a wider audience. This should assist in mass adoption for cryptocurrencies, and is especially important as adoption is very slow currently. They are not competing with the mobile money, but rather working along with them to bring the best mobile platform for the customers. If things work out as planned for Telcoin, then it is going to change the face of telecom as well as the cryptocurrency industry!

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