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How to Buy Stellar (XLM) in India

Want to buy crypto but don't know where to buy Stellar? No worries! CoinSwitch offers many options where you can easily buy several cryptocurrencies including Stellar, with the lowest fees and highest security.

XLM Price in India

Updated at 1:50:22 AM, 5/29/2024


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Log in using your registered mobile number. Simply access PRO using an OTP sent to your number and then enter your CoinSwitch PIN.

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If you don't have a CoinSwitch account yet, you have been missing out. Simply click on this link to register.


Once logged in, you will see your PRO dashboard with historical prices, technical indicators, comparison charts, and everything else you need to trade smart.

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There you will see the order section where you can choose your order type. Select whether you'd like a limit or a stop-limit order.

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After you have found XLM and find yourself ready to make a buying decision, move to the right side of your PRO dashboard.

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There you will see the order section where you can choose your order type. Select whether you'd like a limit or a stop-limit order.


Once you've chosen your order type, enter the amount of XLM that you want to buy.

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Otherwise, you can also enter the Total INR amount you want to buy and see how much Quantity you'll get for that amount.


Click on the buy button and you're done. Your chosen amount of XLM will be added to your portfolio. Wasn't that easy?

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Watch the video for a better understanding

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How Can I Buy Stellar In India?

CoinSwitch App is the simplest way to buy Stellar in India. Sign up now and start investing with ₹100


Can I Buy Stellar Directly?

You can buy Stellar through P2P (Peer to Peer) trade. Several Decentralized Exchanges or DEX allows to connect buyers and sellers to purchase cryptos, else you can look for someone who already owns XLM. However, these ways look very lucrative, but they aren’t.

Decentralized exchanges have complex functionality, and for taking the P2P route, you would need a trusted seller. The reason why these are opted only by Pro traders.

For an easy and simplified experience, you can Download the CoinSwitch App!


How to Buy Stellar Stock?

You can buy Stellar in just 4 steps on CoinSwitch:

  1. Open CoinSwitch App, click on the Market tab from the bottom navigation, and select Stellar.
  2. Click on the ‘Buy’ button.
  3. Enter the amount that you would like to buy Stellar for, say ₹100, and click on the ‘Preview Buy button
  4. Check all the details of your order and proceed by clicking ‘Buy.’ 

 Congratulations, you just bought your first Stellar!


What Price To Buy Stellar (XLM)?

There is no definite answer to this question as a majority of cryptos are still in the development stage. The prices can surely rise in the coming years, and you will regret not buying it at low prices.

Instead, you can invest small amounts periodically and balance the opportunity and risk. Start

investing in Stellar for as low as ₹100


What Time To Buy Stellar?

There isn’t a good time to invest in assets because the value of assets increases over time. If you look for the opportunity to buy at lower prices, you may be missing the opportunity of gaining returns around this time. 

You can start with small amounts and use them over a period of time; however, you can always choose to invest a lump sum amount when Stellar (XLM) is available at lower prices.


What Platform To Buy Stellar (XLM)?

There are dozens of platforms available on the Internet for buying Stellar (XLM), but what differs is the experience and interface that allows for easy investments in the long run, just as some E-commerce applications allow a seamless checkout, whereas others make it a cluttered experience.

The crypto apps that are available in the market are complex to use and can make your

buying experience is horrible; however, CoinSwitch provides complete peace of mind by allowing you to buy cryptos with ease.