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Compare Live Zilliqa Price
across all exchanges
Zilliqa Price Prediction and Live Zilliqa Price Chart

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Live Zilliqa Price (USD), Market Cap and Supply

Zilliqa Price for today is $0.0062563892. Its current circulating supply is ZIL 12,533,042,435 with a market cap of $54,351,505.

Price 6.79% (24h)

$ 0.0062563892

24H High

$ 0.0054

24H Low

$ 0.0052

Market Cap

$ 54,351,505

24H Volume

$ 29,913,983

Coin Supply

8,687,360,058 ZIL

Zilliqa Price Chart

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Zilliqa Rates across all exchanges.

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Live Zilliqa Price (USD), Market Cap and Supply Details With Last 24-Hour Movements

Currently, Zilliqa (ZIL) is trading at $0.0063 with ZIL price 6.79% up today. The market cap of Zilliqa is USD 54,351,505 with 8,687,360,058 zil circulating currently. The 24-hour price movement chart indicates that $29,913,983 worth of ZIL were trading. The price peaked to $0.0054 in the last 24 hours while the lowest price was $0.0052.

Zilliqa Price Prediction With 5-Years Zilliqa Price Forecast

Currently Zilliqa’s ZIL ERC-20 token shows a 60-day trendline with the ZIL price displaying a bullish trend upwards to the tune of $0.361 by next year. Zilliqa was seen to surge up by 40% in the market in first half of 2018 - a trend unlike any other among the top cryptocurrencies, viewable on our ZIL chart. This means that in the year 2023, the Zilliqa price is forecasted to stand at $1.338 . You can keep track of Zilliqa’s progress by adding it to your wallet portfolio.

Zilliqa coin price also reached a milestone of $1.1 billion market cap, only the second cryptocurrency to achieve this milestone in Singapore, after Qtum. Zilliqa coin price predictions can be reviewed on CoinSwitch at real-time by tracking the ZIL price chart.

1-Year Forecast3-Year Forecast5-Year Forecast
*This Zilliqa (ZIL) price prediction is based on the data collected from various sources. This should not be considered as an investing parameter and user should do their own research before investing.

Buy, Sell, Trade ZIL At Best Rates

Thought of as a revolutionary monetary exchange medium, an alternative to money, cryptocurrency has faced backlash from financial stalwarts and defenders alike. This is slowly changing, with the current trend favouring global-acceptance of the phenomenon. In this light, CoinSwitch, the first cryptocurrency and altcoin exchange aggregator, offers benefactors a carefully compiled list of Zilliqa exchanges to buy from. Use our currency comparison tool to buy Zilliqa Coin in exchange for currencies such as Ethereum, Ripple, EOS, Litecoin, and VET among many others.

Benefactors can also sell ZIL to obtain a cryptocurrency of their choice from over 300 cryptocurrencies, with 45,000 possible exchange pairings. To buy ZIL cryptocurrency and be a part of ZIL exchange using CoinSwitch, benefactors must have an active Zilliqa wallet address. They can do so by purchasing a stable wallet version of the cryptocurrency they so desire, such as ZIL or EOS, and will obtain a unique address or a “key” for their wallet upon purchase. CoinSwitch will never ask benefactors for their key. ZIL trade is made between sender and receiver wallet addresses.

About Zilliqa (ZIL)

Zilliqa coin (ZIL) in the cryptoverse is the world's first high-bandwidth public blockchain platform designed to scale up to a thousand transactions per second. At this point, scalability continues to be a thorn in the side of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. With a blockchain, the number of transactions per second, or TPS, invariably depends on the amount of throughput power of the blockchain itself. Therefore, Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are currently in significant demand, can barely handle 3.3 and 4.22 TPS respectively.

In order to tackle this obstacle, Zilliqa’s implementation of the sharding concept can offer a check to this scaling obstacle, allowing the number of 'shards' to scale with growing demand, keeping it relatively stable. To do that, a hybrid consensus mechanism is implemented, whereby node operation is dependent on a proof-of-work (PoW) hash. The ZIL coin’s consensus mechanism, however, has finality; with the Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus – a tool which offers a check against false transactions by peers, which can nullify the blockchain’s reliability - a confirmed block can only reference the block before it.

At the moment, Zilliqa currently only focuses on data flow and functional programming, but smart contracts are a promise Owing to the sharding technique, the development of their programming language, Scilla, and the growing appeal amongst companies, Zilliqa will offer more solutions as compared to Ethereum. Zilliqa has also partnered with two other cryptocurrencies - Bluezelle and Genaro, which provide support as back-end storage providers. It is time to keep an eye on this cryptocurrency as it can definitely provide better returns and even outperform its competitors in 2018.

If you are new to crypto trading, it's always advisable to learn about, what is Zilliqa, it's benefits and indicative return on investment.

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