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  • BAT has a considerable fan base, and the ecosystem has around 400 advertisers and 30 million monthly active users.
  • BAT is one of the top 100 digital currencies with significant real-world applications.
  • The initiative has received considerable attention from Verizon, eToro, Nexo, Purple, Upland, and BlockFi.
  • BAT has a serious team headed by Brendan, co-founder Mozilla and created JavaScript.
  • It aims to change the advertising industry’s inefficiencies and privacy breaches.

The Brave browser ecosystem depends on the Basic Attention Token (BAT). The fundamental goal of this project is to develop a fair and rewarding system for all players in the digital advertising business, including advertisers, publishers, and internet users. It aims to eliminate concerns such as privacy, monopoly, security, and online experience.

BAT is the Brave web browser’s native coin, and it’s developed on Ethereum.

BAT’s white paper was published on January 7, 2018. Brendan Eich, who is also the co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox, is the founder of BAT.

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is at 81st position in terms of the market capitalisation of the different cryptocurrencies.

  • Brave is a fast and open-source browser that measures user attention anonymously. Accurate measuring ensures real attention rewards.
  • The decentralised ad exchange runs on BAT. It brings together marketers, publishers, and users.
  • It leverages Ethereum smart contracts.
  • The Brave Micropayments Ledger is used for BAT micropayments.


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