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Reasons to Buy Fantom(FTM) Token

  • Fantom is one of the most established smart contract blockchains after Ethereum.
  • Fantom is already expanding its reach to smart cities in South Korea, spearheading the decentralized network’s adoption at full speed.
  • It has proved to be one of the most profitable investments in 2021, returning more than 1,300% in a matter of a few months.

Fantom (FTM) cryptocurrency is an innovative coin that specialises in deploying and implementing scalable smart contracts. It uses a decentralised acyclic graph (DAG) to provide scalability to the network without compromising on transaction costs. The development team at Fantom is putting its efforts into creating a high-performance smart contract that is both safe and profitable for enterprises.

Fantom is the backbone behind the IT infrastructure at many emerging smart cities like Dubai. It is a platform that believes in creating scalable and sustainable technological shifts with the help of DAG and dApps.

Things to consider before buying Fantom(FTM) Token

  • Fantom uses its own indigenous consensus algorithm called the Lachesis protocol.
  • A protocol called StakeDag leverages the stake of participants in the network to achieve a Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT), a state which is leaderless and hence, completely decentralized. The BFT exposes the network to fewer vulnerabilities than PoS, PoW, or a delegated PoS.
  • Fantom is a currency that cannot be mined. It uses a combination of Lachesis and PoS to verify transactions.


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