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Live tfuel/INR Price


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4,490 Cr

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2,185 Cr

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647 Cr. TFUEL

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55% Buy 45% Sell

Reason To Buy Theta-Fuel(TFUEL)

  • It can process up to 1000+ transactions per second. 
  • It has a very low transaction fee(about 25000 transactions equals 1 US penny).
  • It has a strong Blockchain Technology and is based on Web 3.0.

Other crypto coins to look at

Theta Fuel was launched in 2019 which has shown massive progress since then.


The innovative idea behind Theta is all set to disrupt today’s online video industry. It is an amazing Open-source platform so that you can see the code behind it. It has lower transaction fees, and also, the rate of transactions per second is great, which the rival cryptocurrencies lack. You can also earn TFUEL from watching videos and playing online. There is also a facility to mint custom TNT-20 tokens.

Things to consider before Buying Theta-Fuel(TFUEL)

  • Theta Fuel has a very strong team of advisors and corporate backing from large companies viz Google, Samsung, Lionsgate, etc. 
  • Anyone can go through its code, making it an open-source platform.
  • It has a fully working product where you can earn TFUEL by watching videos or playing esports.


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